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Research & Summary Writing Gigs?

I had a gig denied for violating the “HW and academic work” rule, which I agree with because that’s a huge integrity issue. I have read the terms of service, and the help content - I’ve also looked at approved gigs in the Research & Summary subsection of Writing & Translation that are active and highly rated. I thought my gig was okay and clear enough that it would be understood I would write for niche websites, not students trying to buy fraudulent work. There are active, successful gigs almost identical to my denied gig and that’s adding to my confusion. So, I have 2 questions:

  1. How can you make it absolutely, 100% clear in your gig that you will not do homework or academic assignments, and that your service is for niche websites?

  2. Will having a gig denied have an impact on my account? My account does not seem to be restricted, and I did not receive an email stating I received a warning.

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By mentioning it in your gig description. You can just have a separate paragraph/note in your gig description which states that the services you provide are specifically aimed at customers with niche websites and that you do not offer academic/HW services. However, make sure that your gig doesn’t have any “trigger” words, such as “academic,” “homework,” etc. You need to find a way of conveying that info without using these trigger words. :slight_smile:

If you did not receive an email stating that you received a warning, the denied gig had no impact on your account. This is good news! If you are going to create a new gig (similar to the denied gig), I believe you can take Fiverr CS’s help and ask them to take a look at your newly drafted gig to confirm that it meets their requirements.