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Research the best niche and keyword for Amazon Kindle

Whether you are new to Kindle publishing or an expert there is one very

important thing you need to “get” if you are to be successful. And that is the

fact that MOST Kindle ebooks do not sell more than a handful of copies each


There are two very important reasons for this:

  1. The topic is just not something that enough people are interested in or

    searching for. You must be in a niche that is in demand.
  2. The eBook is in a niche that is too competitive. To be successful your

    eBook must be on page one when people search for your niche.

    That’s why II’ll help you researching to find you amazingly high demand and low competition Kindle Niche Markets.

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    This Gig is For 1 of the most high traffic keyword phrases with low competition in XLS or CSV File Report. Include :
  3. Research data on kindle best seller in your keywords : their estimated sales, their estimated monthly income, etc. (See the picture sample reports)
  4. Detailed information about your keyword : some of the reasons why I say that this keyword is profitable.
  5. In-depth analysis for your niche. Some instruction guide, how should you be able to dominate this niche?!

    I really hope you take advantage of these markets and use my reports to get your eBook created and ranked on page one quickly.

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This is a sample of kindle niche & keyword research.