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Research Writer and Business Apprentice

Hey all. I am fairly new and still building my ratings. So far, so good! I go above and beyond my scope of work in order to continue to prove myself and gather more work.

I enjoy researching and writing. I can write an informative article about anything. I also enjoy small business ventures. If you are an entrepreneur and need assistance with your business, I am up for the challenge.

My kids are finally old enough to both be in school and I am ready to start making money in my new-found free time (without having to clock in…)

I am well rounded in many topics and specialties.

  • I have a Masters in Finance, enjoy investing (stocks, options) and small business opportunities.
  • I am a mother of 2 kids, one of which has Down syndrome (and is awesome)
  • I love nature, gardening and I am in the process of turning our yard into an edible landscape (permaculture)
  • I am efficient with Photoshop, fast on a computer and will learn what it takes to get a job done.
  • And most of all, I am a dedicated, hard worker with common sense

Anything I don’t know, I am excited and willing to learn.
Contact me today if you could use my assistance.

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