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Resell My Seo Services And Make Money


I have some awesome SEO services which I can resell to you if you need some free cash without doing anything. All you have to do is place your gig here at fiverr from me and get orders and buy the gigs from me, take the reports edit it and send to buyer, I will never contact any of your buyers. You make $1/gig without doing anything, its an extra income for you and there is no risk as before you buy my gigs you get paid from the buyer.

Contact me if you need more information on that.

Tell me what you think about this…

>Tell me what you think about this…

O.K. but you may not like it : )

There is considerable risk IMHO. What happens if you are late? Or the buyer hates

the work? If I took you up on your offer I would expose myself to a potential

customer service nightmare and/or bad feedback. Plus i would still have to deal

with the customer PLUS the time it takes to order and deliver the goods. Even if everything went perfect all the time ( I doubt) it would still be a lot of effort

being the go between to make only the same amount fiverr makes 1 small dollar.

The risk/ reward ratio isn’t good and the time and effort required would be too great.

Just my opinion.

Reply to @patvojt: Hi patvojt,

First of all thanks for your valuable comment, now come to the point:

  1. If you think You get your ordered service late delivered ( which is not possible) then simply put your gig delivery time 24hours delay than you expected to be.

  2. This is not about 1 small dollar, I hope not you might be but many sellers from here are also selling their gigs at other fiverr like sites which offer more flexibility like you can sell your gig upto 100 dollars at some sites, also some sites gives you the opportunities to sell at your own price, So my point is that if you sale your gigs on all of that sites than imagine how much you can earn ( just its an options because feverr allows to sell gigs upto 5 only if you have better gigs which can be sold at higher price than why not sell them at those sites and make profits? )

    Anyway if you only want to make money by selling your gigs at here only then its totally upto you.



Hello, I would be interested to learn more, but I don’t see you having any active gigs. Would you mind sharing more information? Thank you.



I know this maybe an old thread, but after Buying and Selling on Fiverr for many years- selling mostly the same old PLR eBooks, among other things. But being that I live in the USA and only have a MAC for a Laptop,

I could NOT figure out how these other Sellers were able to offer such cheap Twitter Followers, FB Fans, Youtube Video Views, Likes, Comments, etc.

So for a while there, I was trying to Resell their Fiverr Gigs on other Similar Marketplaces that allowed higher pricing.

But the situation was even more grim at the “Alternative” Sites.

But there WAS one Site I managed to find Low Priced Gigs from Sellers with Plenty of Positive feedback which gave me the confidence I needed to give it a try.

The main Store is:

But I find their Blog: to be even more interesting since Users are allowed to Post Service “Requests” for Services & Gigs they’re looking to buy.

The only question for me though is, “to Buy”, or Not

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