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Reseller bad experience

Just another moan about why resellers are generally bad news for sellers.

A week ago a buyer purchased one of my proofreading gigs. The level of English used in their message was extremely poor, although the script was actually very good - clearly not written by the same person. I completed the work the next day.

Today, one week on, I had a message from the same buyer complaining that “THEIR client” wasn’t happy and telling me that I was to proofread the work again more carefully. Grrrrr… so they’re a reseller! I can’t stand working with resellers.

When I looked at the script they sent back, it bore very little resemblance to what I had delivered. Large sections had been added and others rewritten. They wanted me to proofread what was essentially a major rewrite for free. No chance.

When I challenged my buyer, they responded in barely intelligible English. It then became clear to me that my buyer had no idea whatsoever about the content of the original script, the changes I made, or the changes their buyer made to my work. I could have written anything, and my buyer wouldn’t have had a clue.

We’ll see what happens over the next few days but I suspect they’ll request a cancellation. It’s yet another bad experience for me of working with resellers. In my experience resellers have no grasp of the work - they simply forward on tasks with little or no comprehension of the job.


I feel you. What is the really shitty thing about this is that their client can basically screw you over as long as he keeps complaining to your client and they ask for revisions. How many revisions do you offer? I take it not unlimited.


Sounds like a whole nightmare, my question is, how on earth did the re-seller even get a client in the first place?


I specifically say in my profile and gigs that I work directly with small business owners but that doesn’t stop the resellers. I am having an issue with a reseller right now. Hopefully we can work it out.


One of the resellers tried to convince me that’s it’s ok and he will still work with me even though I said “no” because he is helping me and “marketing my gigs”


While I would like to be open to the idea of a reseller - a true value-adding middle man, an Adnan Khashoggi of freelancing - the reality is that 99.9% of them have no value to add. Quite the opposite, they do nothing but push down prices, quality, and communication clarity. I found the same when selling cars that brokers did nothing but managed to get paid more than real salesman and even the dealership.

It would be nice if resellers had to disclose their status - and prove how they are adding real value - as opposed to scammery.



Those are called drop-servicing

Exactly. Working with resellers removes nearly all control. I don’t offer any revisions.

Some resellers consists of small teams. Earlier this year I again unwittingly ended up working with a reseller. One of the team could communicate quite effectively (the person who placed the order with me), another team member could barely communicate in English (the person who tried to say my work wasn’t very good, etc). The order was eventually accepted but I ended up blocking the account - then a few hours later the original person I dealt with messaged me from another account asking whey I had blocked them as they wanted to work with me again! Unbelievable.


Thanks for your message. I’ve found that resellers ignore any attempt to weed them out by writing ‘no resellers’ in the gig description.

What gives them away most of the time is that they message asking for a “special price” as they’re going to put “lots of work” my way. No thank you.

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That’s my problem with resellers - they add zero value to the process. As you rightly say, it’s quite the opposite - always driving down prices, poor communication and a near total lack of understanding of the task. These are all hallmarks of most resellers.

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Although the worst reseller clients can be the ones who don’t have no grasp of the work but instead some smattering of knowledge, sciolism, “Halbwissen”, as we say in my language (“half-wisdom”, although the better but not really existent word here would be “Viertelwissen”, “quarter-knowledge”, or “Achtelwissen”, or …, you get the idea), as those will cost you lots of time because they are the ones who will ask why you wrote this and and why you didn’t translate that, they’ll tell you that you forgot to translate word X (nope, you didn’t forget, it just happens so that we also use the English word here in that context), they are not able to tell that you couldn’t translate something literally because you just can’t say it like that in your language, they won’t be able to see if you effectively made the text better than the original text was in some regards, and so on and so forth.
While I love working with people from all around the globe, end clients as well as others (if they know what they are doing), it’s bliss when you work with people who either really understand the work (the language), or who are smart enough to be able to tell that you do, and let you do your thing.

Resellers can be okay, but yes, some can be very Grrrrr.


I’ve been a seller with Fiverr since 2018… yes, I have stopped my account due to school then I resumed. I hate their system, especially dealing with buyers! I’ve had a cancellation due to a buyers negligence and poor communication, they wanted to cancel but I said no so I can help the situation avoiding cancellation on my account… well, this morning I received an email saying Fiverr cancelled the order! What?! I delivered, I did what the buyer asked, even when they provided poor picture references! They haven’t accepted the order so Fiverr did an automatic completion. (This was a week ago) now all of a sudden I get a cancellation notice?? Not fair at all!! How does Fiverr know they didn’t keep it on their computer? How do they know the buyer isn’t going to use my design anyways?? I have 7 cancellation due to buyer negligence and poor communication thinking they can get more than what they paid for! I have a question, I have 36 completed orders and 7 cancellations… is this bad? I feel this is a small ratio and looking at those numbers makes me feel discouraged… please, I need your input.

In my opinion you’ve done well to get 36 orders however a 1 in 6 cancellation rate is extremely high. For example, out of nearly 700 all time orders, I’ve had 5 cancellations… which is about 1 in every 140 orders.

3 of those cancellations involved buyers who claimed they had ordered my gig by mistake (so I hadn’t done any work towards them), 1 cancelation was from a buyer who wanted me to sign a non-disclosure agreement (after they had bought my gig, and I refused), and the other cancellation was for a job that I would never be able to complete as it involved a translation that was impossible to understand.

So, by comparison your cancellation rate is extremely high. I’ve had a quick look at your gigs - I see they’re both $5 gigs. You know something? $5 gigs often attract scammer territory buyers. The moment I doubled my gig price to $10 the problems I had with poor buyers ended.

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