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Reseller Using My Order & Giving Me Lower Review The One They Received

I know I complained about Resellers a lot on here. But this one just stings.

I buyer reached out to me and we hashed out the details of the job they wanted me to do and payment was made.

Now Fiverr must’ve glitched for me cause I was told the person messaging me was a new buyer, and I was the first person they ever hired (Fiverr seems to loooove handing me over to first time buyers, for whatever reason :unamused:). I quickly realised that this person must be a reseller.

You know the ones.

The way they speak, how you have to wait hours before they responded to one question. The English? I already knew what I was getting into.

A lot of resellers now open new accounts to get the “new buyer” status, some even put a cute girls picture to get noticed. But I digress.

I confront them about knowing they’re a reseller and told them to just send me a screenshot of what their buyer actually wanted so I can give them an accurate order according to what the original buyer wants. They begin to panic, telling me that I don’t need to talk to anyone and keep our conversations strictly between us. Very shady language coming from them. But they cave to my demands and copied and pasted the original buyers message to me, cause I couldn’t understand for the life of me what they originally wanted.

Now normally I turn resellers away immediately, but not only was the pay VERY good, but I didn’t know how Fiverr would react to me turning away a “new/first time buyer”. Which is ironic cause I finally checked their profile after they accepted the custom order and they’re a seller with a level?

So I’m now more inclined to believe maybe they got a gig they couldn’t complete, but the payment was too good so they decide to find another seller good at it?

Or maybe a friend hired them for something and they hired me?

Anyway, I delivered the order and they wait a full 12 hours before accepting MY order (and I can SEE them online!!!), probably waiting for the buyer they delivered to to rate them first before finishing business with me, and they give me a star rating that isn’t 5. (Trying to keep it vague so the buyer can’t be tracked through my review section).

I check their profile and they received a review very similar to mine but with a star rating closer to 5.

I just don’t understand how resellers can take someone’s work, pass it off as their own, and still have the GALL AND NERVE to give the person they basically stole from less then 5 stars.

This doesn’t just go for me but for EVERY person who’s sold to a reseller unknowingly and gotten a bad or subpar review. They did it just to push them, the seller they stole bought from, further down the ranking and push the reseller, themselves, further up. Cause that’s what this is and that’s what they did to me.

I have half a mind to contact the original buyer and tell them the truth. But that’s too petty and childish, even for me. I knew what I signed up for and my only comfort now is my humble wad of cash. Too bad it’s not a stack :sneezing_face: :joy: :rofl:


Seems to me they rated you out of pique and guilt that they know they can’t do the work they are pretending to their buyer that they can do. Guilt makes people very twisted.

Lucky that paid you. Hope they don’t chargeback so they can keep the whole amount so they feel better about their cleverness :wink:



If a seller gave someone a bad rating intentionally just to push their competitor down the stats that’s probably against this part of the TOS:

Users with the intention to defame competing Sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.

Though if the review text was good and the rating was quite close to 5 I’m not sure they’d do anything about it. If the reseller wrote an obviously bad review and rated very low CS might be more likely to do something (especially if the delivery was fine and the reseller’s buyer gave a high rating for it).


DON’T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS PLEASE!!! :weary: :tired_face:

THIS MONEY IS ALL I HAVE LEFT!!! :sneezing_face: :rofl:

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Oh? I didn’t know about this. Thanks!

Going off of the decimal system, the review was closer to a 4 then a 5. Which I guess to some is still positive? :thinking:

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Yes I think Fiverr’s system probably thinks 3 or 4 and above are positive but they also could demote someone if their avg rating got below 4.7 or not allow them to post offers to requests if their avg rating got below about 4.5 I think (unless that’s calculated some other way).

Maybe it would be fairer if sellers aren’t allowed to give reviews of their competitors. It might not be worth contacting CS if it’s quite a good review and quite close to 5 stars. If it was more obviously breaking the rules (against TOS for something like that) it might be worth asking CS. Some people have received warnings for asking to get reviews removed but they should remove reviews that are against the TOS. Or if you think it’s safe you could ask CS in general about it (eg. at what point it would be considered against the TOS).


I know my opinion might be unpopular and you might not like it… but I think you are overreacting.

First of all, I don’t work with resellers. At all. And I never bend thinking what fiverr might think.

Why is that a problem that it took them 12 hours to accept your order? I would say that is pretty quick. They could’ve take all 3 days.
And why would you also stress yourself checking all this time if they are online or not? What’s the point? They have 3 days to give or pass the feedback to you or complete the order.

That is pure speculation. Buyer can track you anyway if they are not stupid because your review will show up on your reseller profile.

They didn’t steal anything from you. They paid you for a service and you delivered it. Reselling is not stealing.

And that’s again a speculation. 4.3 is a good review and not a negative and definitely doesn’t seem like it was left to push you down in ranking.
After all it’s not the original buyer rating your services, it’s a reseller who also rates you based on your communication etc. So it’s fair if ratings will be different.

It is petty. And would be extremely unprofessional.

I know how it feels however nothing you can do about this. Just learn on your mistakes and never work with resellers or if you feel that you are comfortable with a specific client.


This, I am aware of. I just came here to vent a little :sneezing_face:

Cause they kept bugging me none stop to deliver the order, and it’s something that doesn’t take much time to approve. I normally get orders accepted within 20 minutes or less (unless it’s a VERY big order -even then it never passes an hour- or you have the literacy reading & listening skills of a toddler). Plus I didn’t keep checking. I just went to bed and it got accepted not long before I woke up.

I hate the waiting cause we ALREADY have to wait 2 weeks to get approved for the money. I’m not planning to add anymore time to that.

In this part I wasn’t speaking about me specifically. But to the broader audience of people who work with resellers without even knowing. My wording may have been a bit off, apologies.

It may not be negative, yes, but it’s still .2 points below what Fiverr recommends to maintain or rise above a seller level. In some cases .5 points too low.

I agree with the first half of this sentence. Not the latter. If I have to force you to copy and paste what the original buyer sent just to understand what it is you want, it’s not my communication that’s the problem :joy:

Thanks! As harsh as they are, your words are right. I brought this upon myself and should’ve known better. I just got greedy :pleading_face: I let my greed get the better of me :sob: :sneezing_face:

These are words that I will LIVE BY!!! :sparkles::two_hearts:

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You have my sympathy. I actively try and avoid working with resellers.

The hallmarks are terrible English, negotiating over fees to a point where the pay is truly insulting, taking ages to respond once an order is underway, and failing to communicate what their client wants - so there’s no clear brief. Working with a reseller is often like swimming in a pool of thick mud.

I have become quite good at spotting resellers and I nearly always turn them down. Experience tells me their offer of work is not worth the stress.

I would like to think there are some good resellers, but every experience has been painful. I once had an angry reseller message me on a second account after I blocked them. They accused me of unprofessional behaviour, I told them I would report both accounts for breaking terms of service.


GG, great move!!

I don’t know why all these people have the same basic insult. “You’re being unprofessional!” “Your work is unprofessional!!” “This is unprofessional behaviour!!!” Learn something new to say, please :roll_eyes: :expressionless:

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I totally agree with @mariashtelle1
If I ever notice a reseller of the same services as mine, I would simply refuse to work with him.

But there is something else to be said. For big projects, there is a high chance that a seller will need to purchase different services. You simply cannot do everything by yourself.


  • Video Animation with Voiceover (it’s something which requires a voiceover artist, animator, script writer etc.)
  • A Website Creator may need help from a SEO specialist, another Website Developer to solve possible bugs or a Translator to manage the multilingual aspect.

In Business, it’s not always Solo, it’s usually collaboration (even indirectly).

I find this very unprofessional. You never know what is the actual situation. If you think it’s a reseller and you don’t like it, simply don’t work with him.
Otherwise, it’s your client now. It shall be non of your business to know what your client is going to do with the final product.
You have already listed your prices, so if others resell it for a higher price, there is something in your strategy that is not managed well.

Also you cannot know if your client (reseller) has been asked for a Huge Project and in order to provide it, he needs external help. It is something which is widely used.

If you decide to work with a client, you should always keep it professional. If you don’t like his attitudes, don’t work with him. Refuse the project.

And finally, keep in mind that a feedback is based on many factors. One of which - seller’s communication. If your client has received a 5 star review, but gave you a lower feedback. It means you didn’t met his expectations on one of the factors, and I guess it will be exactly the “communication” since you’ve been a little unprofessional in my opinion.

As previously stated.

I was actually trying to do them a favour so they didn’t have to go through the hassle of getting rejected by the original buyer if what they wanted wasn’t met. It’s not my fault they couldn’t string together a coherent sentence.

At the end of the day, the real true buyer got exactly what they wanted, and that makes me happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This may be true, but I still need to understand what the damn buyer wants to begin with. “Just write story about X” isn’t enough information.

This has no bearing on the conversation. I put my prices like that because the tasks are relatively easy for me to do quickly and putting them at that price is very comfortable for me. Gets me more customers. I’d rather have a steady stream of constant paying customers then a very low stream of high paying customers. Doesn’t bother me how much someone else sells it cause a) I already got my accurate compensation for it, so whatever you do with it is none of my business and no longer my concern, b) I don’t deal (or allow myself to deal) with resellers often enough for this to be much of an issue to me, and c) I don’t have anything to put here but I still wanted an option C :3

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