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I’m new here, and some days ago, a buyer contacted me, asking me to do very large request for a very low price. Like, 8 illustrations, in max 24 hours, just 20$. I thought it was silly, even though I’m new, I wouldn’t take that amount of work for so little income. When I checked the buyers profile, I saw it was a highly rated seller, with high level, and thousands of orders completed, about animations done with illustrations. I could see the illustration style was not consequent and in occasions it didn’t match.

My question is, are there re-sellers in this platform? People who seek new sellers to get half the work done and then they take the final product to finish their own orders?

Yes, there are, and there’s no rule against it (although it can be unethical to the final buyer, if the reseller lies to them about who will actually do the work).

Resellers can be great, as long as they’re willing to pay your prices and respect your terms (delivery times, number of revisions, and so on).