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Reselling Gigs

I think someone is reselling my gigs. I don’t have any prove.
I need to ask that should i avoid that? or keep it going.
What should i do in order to avoid that?

Why did you post this twice? Once is plenty.

Most if not all of my clients resell my gigs. This is why every order in my queue is usually for 5-6 individual articles. Having been using Fiverr for a year I’d say resellers bring in a lot of business to this website and unless you want to invest in becoming a reseller for yourself you should really be happy for the business.

That said, you will get very obnoxious, acidic and dare I say it repressed resellers who will treat you like dirt and occasionally and even try to exploit you. Never stand for this.

In short, just appreciate the work resellers send you providing they are civil and you will find that you amass some great return buyers.

Well, the truth is, according to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, once a service is delivered, what you deliver becomes owned by the buyer (unless you stated otherwise in your gig details). In other words, when you deliver an order, you are also giving them copyrights to the delivered work. So, legally, they are permitted to use what you deliver however they wish, even if it means reselling it on their own.

Now, if they copied your work without purchase, then yes, that would be wrong, illegal, and 100% inappropriate.

It was by mistake