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Reselling of Designs

Hi guys, I created a line for a buyer who sent me pics off google and such to create the line, another customer sees them and like the line and wants to purchase it…I’m thinking I can sell it to the other customer because the first customer got the images online and I created the designs… please assist here, I hope you understand. thanks for your help.

What do you mean when you say “line?”

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@vickiespencer - line of clothing from the gigs I think?

@cenathabennett - I think you’d be better to check out the ToS re. copyright, both for the images that your buyer sent you (did they have the rights to use the images commercially?) and also regarding copyright being passed onto buyers - your first buyer may well have purchased from you thinking they were getting an item unique to them, and wouldn’t be happy if they found you’d sold the same thing to somebody else?


I was thinking the same thing. But then @cenathabennett also has t-shirt gigs, so I thought maybe it could be a line from the saying on a shirt.

Unless the OP returns to explain, we shall never know…:wink:

I think, the buyer likes a design from her Fiverr sample gallery and wants to buy it. I think so because something like this happened to me a few months back. A buyer liked an artwork from my work sample gallery and wanted to buy it and I politely refused. Although I knew that the first buyer collected the artwork from the internet and got it redrawn by me, I felt it’s unethical to sell it to other people.


Hi guys thanks for the input I meant line of clothing designs - as in more than two shirts, some people actually sell the rights as well so that the product won’t be re-sold to anyone, should I ask the first customer’s permission to resell the designs he got online? thanks

From what the ToS says about copyright, the buyer of your first design now holds the copyright to them - it would seem to be questionable as to whether you could then sell exactly the same thing again to another buyer?

I’m not a solicitor BTW, just working from the ToS. :wink:

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