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Reselling Work

So I found a client who has purchased a few gigs from me reselling my work on Etsy. It’s clearly stated in my gig page that my work cannot be duplicated or resold. What should I do?

Maybe add extra for reselling rights, So at least you can make more money

You could report it to Fiverr CS but with physical objects it’s going to be tough to do much. Better yet, report them to Etsy and you might get a bit further. Digital items are easier to do something about since you can get them taken off of the internet at no charge if you have proof.

If you were Nike and someone tried to use your logo, you’d win but you’d have to sue to do it which costs money. If someone copied your shoes and sold tons of illegal fake Nikes, you’d still have to have big pockets and big lawyers but you might benefit from the suit. If you specified on the box that Nike shoes bought at Wal-Mart could not be re-sold and a single parent re-sold 15 pairs of Nike’s on Ebay you could get them removed by Ebay until they create another account, but if you sued the “little guy” it’s not going to do much except cost you money since they couldn’t afford to repay you. I’m not backing the other person, just being realistic.

Have them sign a waver next time when they are trying to purchase from you if it’s so concerning to you, at least you have a written signature or some kind of acknowledgement from them. Unfortunately there is not much you can do right now, I don’t even think Etsy would do anything about it, if you would report it.