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Reselling your gigs

There is someone on here that I would like to bring to your attention, fragglesrock aka fragglesrock aka fragglesrock has been taking your gigs and selling them to others for much more money and profiting off your work. I understand most don’t mind as long as they get their "5"on it, but I feel if a person is selling your product at a higher price he is gouging and taking credit for your work.

Lots of people do this sadly, I also saw a guy selling an ebook that teaches people to do this and make a profit.

No this doesn’t aply for all services especially those that are customised… like some illustrations(potrait), logos, business cards and all… but for ones like books written by you…

And it depends on the person, some may see it as free prfomotion others will see it as plagiarism… different strokes for different folks.

Make sure that whatever you sell on Fiverr has one of these:

  1. A scare copyright infridgment notice
  2. You sell an item that is royalty free.

    That philosophy has saved me a lot of headaches and with regard to #1, sellers may think twice about reselling your hard work.


This really does not make much of a difference because this way both are getting work…and ultimately they are are doing promotion and keeping extra money as commission :slight_smile:

Reply to @spa3212: Good points.

I agree oldbittygrandma. Being resold is extra work you probably would not have gotten on your own. And it opens the door to more opportunity. Embrace it!

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I agree and knowing my work is out there and helping others makes me happy no matter how it has found its way

Could you guys give in example of how this is okay or helpful? Im not sure what kind of gigs you offer, but in my case I don’t see how it would benefit me at all. I do drawings/illustrations so say if someone were to resell the image I gave them that would be harmful to me.

Reply to @inuratus:

There are 3 parties here:

1 - You - draw illustrations

2 - Your buyer - ordered your gig BUT it’s not for him, it’s for the 3rd party (this 2nd person probably has a website where people can order illustrations or similar - he then ‘outsourced’ it to you)

3 - The real buyer - who order’s from the 2nd party

Does this make sense?

Hmmm I would view that more as being my agent for free. I guess what I mean to say is this kind of scenario:

  1. I draw the work
  2. person buys my work
  3. person sells me work claiming it is their own work for a higher price

Reply to @inuratus: I guess this doesn’t apply to all service offered…

Reply to @inuratus: Unless you specify to the contrary, whatever you sell and deliver on fiverr; “…the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein.” “The seller expressly agrees to assign to buyer the copyright in any delivered services that do not meet the requirements of a work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act.”

So basically when you draw and deliver a product, the buyer owns it and can do whatever they want with it. Now it would be professional like if the buyer would disclose that info to you, but not everyone is a pro or uses common sense. And you might suspect someone is reselling your work if you see a ton of orders coming in from one buyer. And in time, you may want a situation where someone else sells your services.

Arbitrage happens everyday all over the world - It’s called Business…Buy low and Sell high.

The only reason why people get upset is because they have not got the systems in place to sell their work for a higher price

who gives a ■■■■ it happens all the time in every industry. Sales were made and each party made money. If you don’t like it raise your price and stop working for penny’s,

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Reply to @inuratus: the only problem I see is the part when they say it is their work. The rest seems fine to me. It is called outsourcing. Saying they did the work is dishonest.

Rather resold than no sale :wink:

If they resell they are actually using you as a sub-contractor. So, if you do NOT allow sub-contracted work, just state that in your gig. If you find someone reselling your work, you can then have a stance to go from.

Similar discussion in another thread.


I don’t get what is your problem here? I do buy gigs here to build some bigger product by combining them (this is my organizational capital) and sell it to someone else. That is how I do my money, I outsource different people and develop something bigger. It is business, if I find a client who is willing to pay 5K for the same work that you do for 4 it is MY CLIENT - My relational capital that you don’t have! You don’t know what it takes me to get my client, how much time/money I spent to hook him. You do your business here and you agreed to get paid the amount stated in your gig. You can raise the price and that may affect the amount of your sales. But you definitely shouldn’t count money of other people. Most of gigs here fall under category - “work for hire” and as soon as it is done it become the intellectual property of the buyer (unless stated in the description, but again that may affect the number of sales you generate). Even more, the buyer may request (prior to order) that the delivered work should not appear in your portfolio, because after deal is done it is no longer yours!

In my life i developed a number of sites and applications, but more than half of them are under NDA, I am proud of the work I’ve done, but I can’t show it to anyone, since it is no longer my property - it was sold!!!

JFYI - it is not the rave ideas coming out of my head, I have a degree in HRM and Business Administration and I know what I am talking about! Don’t like someone stealing your credit - raise the price, or state it CLEARLY in your gig, or don’t sell your service.


Mike K.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Fully agree, that is how it works in reality!