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Hi all, can someone help. How do I make a reservation as someone has asked me to do this regarding work I have requested?

Many thanks

There’s no such feature on fiverr. But, I’ve read somewhere in the forum about buyers asking sellers for a reservation to see work examples. like an appointment or something. Although, I don’t see why a reservation is necessary…!

As Tictac7 stated, there is no such feature here on Fiverr. Although I can’t speak to the exact nature of your interaction with the seller, it does sound as though that seller may be inundated with orders. It happens. However, as sellers, we are expected to be available for orders “off the menu”, as I like to put it. If you need something immediately, I recommend moving on. The talent pool on Fiverr is spectacular! Best of Luck!

Hi, you could ask the seller how you should do that. He or she may have their own way of taking reservations. As others have said there is no fiverr way of doing it.

Could be your seller has bad English and just meant order. Because some orders can be reservations, and some reservations could be orders.

There’s no facility to make reservations - I think they may be trying to tell you they’re busy but order anyway - need more clarification to help you.