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Resetting my phone number



I’ve used a different phone number when i was creating my account. Now I don’t have that number. How to change my fiverr phone number?


p.s. i cannot find any option to do this, even if the help document say it’s in my acc options


You need to contact Fiverr Customer Support for this. We are normal Fiverr Sellers and Buyers on this forum and couldn’t offer more help regarding this.


Thanks taverr. I’ve contacted them today, awaiting for a reply.

Thanks for the response.


Can you please let us to know what happened next for you?
I think for changing your number, it needs to connect to the previous one and
then set the changes. Am I right?
So your SIM card should be working at least.


It can be changed in security section, I think. but not sure


I changed my phone number and it was easy. Just enter the new number and you will get a code on your new phone to enter into a box. That’s all.


Where is it? Do we need to add old number also?


no :slightly_smiling_face:


Where can I find that number change window?