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Resolution Center Cancellation Timer Counting UP

Hi all. I purchased a $15 order Saturday night (it is now Wednesday). The gig deadline was two days. So, when Monday hit, it said please wait 24 hours (or contact the seller) before cancellation could occur. I did contact the seller, and they responded saying, "Yes they are coompleted :slight_smile: but we are giving you some more surprises :slight_smile: we are designing some 3D logo also for you :slight_smile: so that you can have some more as gifts :)."

I then asked when to expect these, to which they said in a few hours. It has since been a full day, and I have since contacted them twice throughout the day, and they have not responded. As of about 40 minutes ago, I went to the resolution center, and it said the order could be cancelled in 10 minutes. I checked back in 10 minutes, and it then said 20. I have been checking back every few minutes, and the countdown to when I can cancel has been RISING.

As a result, I cannot cancel, and I question whether this is a Fiverr internal problem, or something the seller is doing. Similarly, I have checked this on multiple devices, and they are all rising.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have never heard of something like this happening, but Iโ€™m not a tech person and Iโ€™ve never had to cancel an order before myself, or had a customer cancel. So my suggestion to you is to file a ticket with Customer Service (link on every page-skip over all the FAQ stuff; look for a link written in rather small letters that says โ€œStill canโ€™t find the answer?โ€ or something along those lines). Send them screen shots of the correspondence between you & this seller, and also of the changing cancellation โ€œtimerโ€, if you can. CS should be able to cancel the order for you and credit your account.

Good luck, and sorry to hear about this negative experience.