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Hello guys.

I´m buying for a couple of months from fiverr. In most of the cases I´m most than happy with the sellers but unfortunately recently I had a situation that I see I can´t solve.

I order from user “Fragglesrock” a online store with a couple of features. He said his price, I ordered and paid for it. The seller have as delivery time 3 days but of corse the job was´t done in 3 day. Maybe have past 2 months after I ordered, most of the times the seller was in contact with me but for 3 weeks that I get no reply to my messages, nothing at all.

In this case the time to solve the issue by resolution center have past… Do I have any way to complain about it? or cancel the order?

Most of the projects I ordered where done after the schedule date and this gets me a bit afraid making more orders.

Thanks to all

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Since the order is two months old, there’s likely no way to cancel the order or get your money back. I’m not sure what Fiverr’s cap on cancellations is, but I believe you can cancel up until the point the money has cleared for the seller. Since that maxes out at about 18 days, you’re likely far beyond the point of being able to get your money back on that order.

You can always open a ticket with Customer Support and ask them to see if they can get in touch with the seller, since he has been unresponsive for three weeks (be sure to check your private message inbox, though).

In the future, if a sellers says they will get something done in a certain amount of time and they do not get it done in that amount of time, you should cancel the order, instead of letting it complete and letting the seller drag the project out for months.

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sorry what you say is this some kind of joke

You’ve posted the same thing twice on unrelated threads - this post as @nikavoice rightly pointed out is nearly 3 years old and has nothing to do with your current problem.

Why not start a new thread in ‘conversations’?

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ok start new conversation
now you till me how i can take order from someone without sending buyer request

This is where to start a new thread: :sunny:

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