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Resolution of additional custom order

Been lurking for a little while, this forum is awesome! I’ve gotten a lot out of it.

This is an issue wirtth the resolution center, hopefully this is in the right place.

So I’m fairly new to Fiverr. I’m working with a client on an order. I pitched him on his post in “buyer requests.”

The initial order was $5. Completed the work, buyer was happy. We agreed on some additional work on the same files (audio engineering), and he accepted an additional $10 custom order.

Due to technical reasons, I could only partially complete the $10 custom order. Spoke with customer, he was understanding and pleased with the work I did complete, and is ready to order another gig.

The issue is that when I open the order in the resolution center, it shows up as $5 instead of $15. What I really need to cancel is the $10 additional order, not the original $5. I want to charge $5 for the next gig.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of the $10 custom order? Or do I need to cancel the whole thing and ask the buyer to create a new $10 order to pay for the initial gig + the second one?

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