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[RESOLVED] Buyer Details Not Showing

I reported to Customer Support. Anyone else experiencing this?

Everything was working fine yesterday. Today I logged in as normal to respond to new orders and start work, but no orders have the buyer details section showing (except for a few where the buyer has sent an update on the order page). Otherwise, the section is totally missing.

The screenshot is from an order that was fine yesterday, and today the details section is gone.

Thankfully I’ve already downloaded many of the files, but for new orders (especially extra fast ones), this is a very annoying bug and could cost sales.

*All Fixed!

All attached pictures by buyers has disappeared…
And I need that pictures to start my work. I have to know how the person looks like.

I checked out even compleeted orders and it’s the same.
Attached files by buyers, by me, finished order pictures has gone.

Same to me…

I need to deliver 3 orders withing 3 hours…
Already asked the customers to re-submit…

buyer have attached photos, i saw them in the morning, but now(after 10 hours) all files disappear.
This is really freak me out, i can’t complete the order

All the final delivery files from the orders are also gone,
Only messages are there

Yes, Customer Support have confirmed “technical difficulties” and they’re working on it. However, some orders aren’t affected. I don’t know why. It was also affecting some deliveries, so use dropbox or something if that’s also messed up.

same here :frowning:

Same here.

Fiverr Customer Support Reply

yes i’m having same problem too, hope fiver resolve it asap :slight_smile:

Got the exact same thing. I wish they would automatically notify people, it would actually make their job easier!

They really should put up a notification for everyone. Orders will be late because of it, and I’m sure it will affect our ratings.

Plus, if it’s the same issue with deliveries I bet we’ll be getting many buyer rejections and questions.

Yep, same here! I don’t usually work at the last minute, but today was the day I decided it would be OK and of course that’s the day Fiverr decides to not work. Oh well, it’s a nice (repeat) buyer, so hopefully he won’t mind it being late, but I hope it won’t affect my seller stats :frowning:

received orders yesterday and today when I am going to deliver the work its showing error for every type of file some times shows the website is down error was host down, was wondered that time is very short to deliver the final work after an hour site started working then I have upload the files. the problem was only in delivery section.
Question is if I am getting due to web issue as described(host down), will management compensate ?

We had an issue with the attachments table in our database which caused a data loss. We’re working on restoring the lost data from backup, everything should be back to normal shortly.

This is hard to do without having a system in place to do so. I agree, we should have one for this type of situation, but it’s not always easy to determine impact, who was affected, and the best way to contact them. In situations like this our number one priority is restoring full functionality, unfortunately sometimes this means communicating with our users takes a back seat.

Just add a notification yourself upon delivery. That’s what I did today. You can further avoid that issue by using dropbox or whatever to ensure that delivery gets through. If the message doesn’t get through there, try the inbox.

Plenty of things we can do as individuals to mitigate the situation as it affects us personally.

Great, thank u.

Oh beckityboo, it is all about you! Now everyone working at the last minute is screwed up :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: