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[RESOLVED] Can't complete my profile 60% (via E-mail verification)


Okay, so basically, when I try to complete my profile for Fiverr on the account security tab: it just doesn’t work.

It says to “Please check your email and click the verification link we’ve sent you. Didn’t get the verification email? Click Here.”

So I check my inbox, nothing there.

I press the button, nothing there after 5-10 minutes.

I press it repeatedly, hoping a single email would turn up.

However, I’m out of luck. I really just want to start making gigs so is anyone facing this issue?

EDIT: Resolved, via Fiverr Support.

Solution: Add an additional Social Media account such as LinkedIn.


View all emails from your email
See all this
You google go and correct the email settings


Contact Customer Support. They will help you. :sunglasses:

Click on this link to raise a ticket.
or you can also mail them on


Hi @max_coolio have you checked your spam folder as sometime I get messages going into there, if you have already done so speak with Customer Services as they will get you sorted in no time :slight_smile:


Contact the fiverr support team i hope you must be feedback.



Fiverr Support told me to add an additional social media account to complete the process.

Hope that works for everybody else.