[Resolved] Failed Withdrawals


Anyone else having an issue where they try to withdraw funds to Paypal and it says Failed instead of Success?

I’ve withdrawn funds from Fiverr several times and it was always successful. Now, it says Failed and I can’t understand why.

Along with saying Failed, it also gives the message 'Withdrawal failed. Funds restored to your account '. The funds are not showing in my Fiverr balance. It’s not showing on my Paypal account. In fact, Paypal doesn’t seem aware of any recent payments from Fiverr to my account with them.

Further more, the ‘Upcoming Payments’ seems to have increased by the exact amount that I tried to withdraw.

I tried to withdraw funds February 1st and to date, Nothing!

I’m currently awaiting feedback from Fiverr Support - just wanted to know if anyone else is getting this issue and how they handled it.


I have had that from time to time, but it just meant I clicked the link twice! Been waiting long? as sometimes it takes up to an hour to arrive in my Paypal.


It’s been 2 days now and nothing to my Paypal account. Which link did you have to click twice?


This is interesting. I just tried the withdrawal for $4 which showed on my Fiverr balance. This was successful. $3.92 showed on my Paypal account. It took less than 1 minute for the transfer. This proves that all is well with Paypal. There are no restrictions barring payment with them.

The other larger withdrawal I sent February 1st is still missing; its not anywhere on my Paypal account. It’s not in my Fiverr balance to withdraw. It seems to have been added in with ‘Upcoming Payments’ as I mentioned above. This all points to a bug in Fiverr and its really frustrating. I don’t feel like working on jobs anymore; like wasting time for I don’t know if I’ll get paid for all my hard work.


I believe there have been a few members with issues withdrawing these last few days


So annoyed… b-(


Same to me. I tried to withdraw $11 from my fiver account and it says “Withdrawal failed. Funds restored to your account”. I got in touch with fiverr customer care, I was told to contact paypal… I have contacted Paypal but no reply yet. In my case the money was returned successfully to fiver revenue balance. What is going on with both parties ? Fiverr and Paypal?? Anyone else having same prob ?


Hi all, same happen to me. I cant withdraw to paypal. I tried 4 times to withdraw but all failed. what happen actually? Please help…



I’d head back to support and update your ticket with a message, maybe it’s in the ether somewhere, but it can’t help to drop a short reply on the ticket to see if there is any movement.



I am also having problems and the button is greyed out since three days ago and I really count on my Fiverr revenue to pay bills :frowning:


If somebody gets the answer please respond here.


Yup, I can’t withdraw to Paypal. SO ANNOYING. And yes, I mailed CS two days ago – no response yet. sigh


I am also having the same issue. Can anybody help ?


Wow, I hope I never have to face that kind of problem. That would be very frustrating.

Seems like these days Customer Support is having a big wave of tickets, so I would have to wait for days for a possible solution.

Actually I submitted a ticket last Thursday and I am still waiting for customer Support to reply.

With Customer Support being so busy these days, it is very scary to have any kind if trouble.

I don’t know what is going on exactly with Customer Support these days, but I hope they return to normality soon. Right now we are on our own. That’s very scary. :-S

Best Of Luck.


Someone posted yesterday also about this and i decided not to withdraw :-S , but then roughly after 3 hours i went ahead with withdrawal and it went smooth :smiley:


I can confirm that Customer Support do reply. They finally replied to my ticket after 4 days of waiting though. I know that’s a lot, but at least we can still count on them.

So, if you are having this issue withdrawing your money, contact Customer Support and wait until they reply. They will help you. :wink:

I didn’t have this problem though, but I wanted to let you know that sooner or later Customer Support will get to you. :slight_smile:

Best Of Luck.


@vedmak That’s right. First issue with withdrawals occurred in February. That was resolved.

On March 12th, the second withdrawal failed. This was reported to Support on March 13th. Yes I’ve been waiting this long on the same ticket - 36 days. Hence the frustration. Worse is working on other jobs and not knowing if I’ll get paid for all my hard work.



I am having this issue AGAIN. I reported to Fiverr that my withdrawals failed 25 days ago. Still waiting on a resolve.

When the withdrawals failed, the revenue balance dropped to 0 and the ‘Upcoming Payments’ increased by the amount I tried to withdraw.

Since then, I changed the Paypal email account. Some other funds cleared and I was able to complete a successful withdrawal.

Now, withdrawal balance is 0 and the funds from the 2 previous failures are still somehow tied up in ‘Upcoming Payments’.

I don’t know what to do. I was depending on that money to meet other commitments. Thinking about quitting Fiverr.



You guys have no idea how frustrating this is. I have worked so much, forgoing sleep and over-delivering to buyers. Now I’m not being able to receive my hard earned money. Grrr X(



I know. I’m going through the same thing and it SUCKS! This seriously needs to be addressed.