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Resources issue due to Corona Virus Outbreak

Resources issue due to Corona Virus Outbreak what should I do


Write a message that actually makes sense.

Corroder Viroids did not make words scarse so if you cannot pose a clear, detailed question, no one can actually answer it.



how can i delete it?

Again with the vague writing

You have to get a lot better at expressing yourself. Poor communication is the #1 cause of lost business opportunities and poor job ratings.

I know you probably don’t like me right now but liking is not my plan. My plan is to help you realize that right now you are the cause of your problems because you are not even trying to communicate clearly.

See how you write 3 words and I write many. I explain my position. You do not. This is fixable if you try.



again in a very peaceful way i want to ask you my friend how can i make my question disappear from here or in simple language how can i delete my question from here because i don’t want it anymore i am very positive with my work i dont want any negative comments or suggeston i am sorry if i made you feel that and only long paragraphs dont work i just asked how to delete thi question and you were like ask it in a long way why bro i am comfortable with these 3 words and you if you cant nderstand simple language you cant deal with customers.

Passive Agressive wot ^

Thanks for finally using words. It is a shame that they still show arrogance.

As for deleting this thread. You can’t really. And nor should you as people deleting threads destroys the fabric of a forum community.

All the best with whatever you are about



all the best to you too mate have a great day. appreciate you to make my day

Use mouse. On top right edge of topic title there is pen icon. Click on it and select delete.

What resources you missing?

thank you so much for your help apprciate that
actually i had a team of digital marketing now because of covid everyone has left because of no work at all all the things i am doing on my own thats why i needed some tips that should i hire a team again or sould i keep working with freelancers

There is always risk in business.

In your case you could have issues with wrong freelancers, but if you do some research and find good skilled freelancers it could work.

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