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Respect yourself (as a seller)

Hi all!

The past few months I’ve been working on a huge personal project (read: I’ve started and spent roughly an hour on it, but it’ll be published. Someday.) Since I’m absolutely incapable of even drawing a straight line (or imagining anything on paper that does not include words), I’ve decided to seek out an illustrator (or two, or three) who could help me out. This project is my baby (lol) so I’m pretty stoked to be working on it, that much I can tell you.

I…have made the mistake of venturing into the buyer’s request section, hoping that by seeing many different styles I will be inspired. As a seller myself, I’ve seen the other side of BRs… but I’ve never quite seen the buyers’ side.

Where do I begin?

Out of 70! requests, around 50 people offered something that I did not request (in a copypaste template filled with mistakes but, oh well.

At least 10! (but I’m pretty sure much more, I didn’t actually count) offered free refunds. Unlimited revisions - and so on.

Several dear sir/madams later, someone addressed me as ‘sir’ (but fine, it’s hard to see on these small pictures, so I’ll let that one go…)

Here’s the deal. I value respect over any of those. No one is going to take you seriously if you have absolutely no respect for yourself. I think I’ve been stressing this.
I do realize that money is important (it matters to me, too). But YOU are much more important than that. As an artist, no one should allow themselves to be trampled by others due to wanting to ‘build a reputation’ or ‘get more orders’.

Not everyone is going to be nice (like I am). Just based on these requests (out of x, who offered to send me an illustration that I only had to pay for if I fancied it) there IS a market for this. People using unsuspecting newbies to get their stuff for free - and newbies are actually ‘fine’ with it. I’ve known before that there were issues but never quite realized how bad they were, I guess?

Long - and sort of useless rant over. I just hate seeing actually talented (for the most part) people allowing themselves to be exploited.)


I am a seller too, but I was a buyer on Fiverr few times. Recently, I needed a voiceover - I made the same mistake by placing a buyer request. I wxplaied, that I need FEMALE Americal or British English accent.

I’ve got about 200 requests, mostly MALE requests. Many “Sir” requests as well… Which is actually becoming funny… And I’ve got few direct messages (not in my request section). One guy texted me that he will do this work perfect, when I answered that I need a female American or British accent, he told that if I will help him get visa to the US, he will be ready to do this job in 1 week…

I was like “What was that???” Seriously?
So, the best decision is to make a manual research only.


Oh no! I suppose female and male are easy to confuse (haha)

It’s funny, but also very sad - I think people who don’t even try to look at a request are just incredibly desperate which just rubs me the wrong way. So far I only got one direct request but I’m expecting more since it happens fairly frequently anyway… :frowning:
I mean, he wanted to give you the authentic American experience maybe? Didn’t you know that your accent changes depending on where you’re at in the world? (jokes aside, that’s actually really strange.)

I agree, now that I’ve seen this… I think manual search will be much easier.


It would be nice if the buyer requests page had the option to activate filters to automatically remove requests/offers that are incompatible.

Buyer requests has been and still is a flaming dumpster fire for getting actual quality offers/work, and finding the rare gems involve sifting through a lot of trash.


As a published author who is in the process of preparing 17 new books (AAAA brain storm all over) I wish you all the best in this.
I make roughly 100-200$ passive income monthly from my two out of 6 published books (4 are not selling yet that much because they are part of the series and I do not want to push them and promote them before I have half the series out.).

Regarding your BAD experience. Unfortunately without going in to “are they actually skilled or not”, problem is real good seller is getting his a kicked here by wasting time to write you a proper BR offer.

I had a BR recently that was so well written I had to respond with my offer.

This was it:

Hello. My name is Marina, founder of Marina Art Design studio, lead artist and designer. Regarding your request; I apologize for sending an offer that is above your budget but since your request is not clear in what style you want and do you want to trademark the logo and in what region of the world, I can not compromise my prices by offering to provide you with service of unknown content. Trademarking process in UK, US and EU total is around 2000 USD. So it is vital that you share where and for what industry do you plan to register your new logo. And where are you planning on using it. Logos for web and app (social media) must be scalable. In my portfolio, you will find a brief for this service with a questionnaire that should be filled. As it stands, this offer includes 2 different logo concepts as per your brief questionnaire answers (I can provide you with the brief in Inbox or you can view it in my GIG portfolio), a branding poster and guidelines, and all will be delivered in appropriate file formats. The price can be adjusted if you can narrow down what exactly do you need. In case we do not get a chance to communicate further I wish you, your family, friends and coworkers safe, healthy, and wealthy new year. Kind regards, Marina Marina Art Design

By the time I wrote all that he got 200 offers.

So I get you as a buyer that you want people to read and write normal offer, unfortunately in this competitive environment people who “waste” time on reading and writing detailed offer are being crushed.

I bet he never got to see my offer (after 200 "I will do your logo in 5$)

For this reason, I do not go to BR section. I just went there a week ago as part of my YT FAQ video tutorial for new sellers. I noticed his request and it looked like it is coming from a serious company/client.

When you start offering this for Canada let me know. my daughter is pushing me to move to Canada. i said OK, just find me place near water that has no snow, like ever.


I really don’t understand why so many of these sellers think they can get work by offering something different from what is requested and not even addressing or demonstrating their suitability for said project.

And then they come here whining that no one accepts their BR offer.

Ugh. It’s sad because a lot of them are poor and trying to improve their lot and then you see them preventing that from happening.


I feel like fiverr still sees the chance for a deal there? In the sense that ‘maybe if the buyer is offered XY suddenly they will need it?’

I mean… I do need a logo (but will I buy it from someone who offered it to me when I asked for illustrations… nope.

I totally agree with you, I guess I’m just stunned since this is my first time really seeing it…

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First of all, thank you. I can totally relate (technically I’m working on 3different books BUT in reality it’s more than that since they are all trilogies and oh, all the others things I’m hoping to write… Yeah. Having ideas is FUN. haha) But I hope to at least launch one sometimes this year haha.

I can see where you are coming from (I check BR once in a while but I rarely ever answer any requests) and I can understand the huge competition… But I do feel like it’s just really messy, I suppose? I’d definitely answer someone like you who actually TRIED than someone who didn’t even bother to read my username (or my request).

I think it’s interesting to see it from this side though, I’m starting to understand why some buyers might get frustrated haha.


Is this a children’s book? What type of illustrations are you looking for? I have worked with a few illustrators on Fiverr and might be able to make a suggestion via messages, if that’s okay with you.


That’s my main issue I suppose. I think it’s definitely easier to complain than to do something (and it does have to do something with many sellers not speaking English all that well) but in the very end I can’t buy from someone who seems like they need it - but offer a logo instead of an illustration.

I was hoping to be able to reach out to someone who’s new but might be talented (not necessarily because of the pricing but because I think everyone deserves a chance!)


It’s a webnovel (I do think fiverr put my BR in the wrong category haha) it’s more for teens and up (has some pretty messy topics in it but it’s pretty standard when it comes to webnovels). I’d really appreicate that!

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My daughter (16) is talented beyond this Earth and I want her to share her artwork. I have skills and talent, but she is on another level. In my vector tracing GIG I used her artwork to display vectorization process.
I want her to join Fiverr but at the same time I do not want her to be exposed to this madness of Fiverr.

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I totally agree with you!! Sellers need to understand their worth!

I recently posted a request for a logo, and, oh my, it was chaos! The worst thing was that people were directly sending me messages, so when I didn’t quickly respond to them, it brought my response rate down. Half the offers I received were copy and paste, some were offering free services, and some addressed me as “sir”. And I think I even saw one offer that wanted me to make a logo for them🤔


Just the amount of unsolicited offers I get through my seller account message inbox alone is staggering. There is a huge, ever-churning pit of eager new sellers - particularly overseas - that either don’t know or don’t care to differentiate themselves beyond sheer desperation.

I’ve had to start Copyscaping my damn gig text and bio weekly because it gets stolen so often, and at least an hour every week is spent reporting people that either lifted my bio word-for-word, copied my gig text, or are trying to pass off my examples as their own. It’s frustrating, and I’m not even posting buyer requests - Fiverr really needs more robust filtering/controls for this kind of thing, because I have to imagine it’s having a big, negative impact on any buyers that are brave enough to post a BR.

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Oh wow her artwork is fantastic from what I saw there!
On the other hand I don’t think I’d let my child (not that I have any) onto fiverr until… some things get sorted. It’s a great website in its essence but… I worry teens might end up being exploited. (I’d definitely order her work if she was a seller here, but it’d be definitely hard to keep the ‘interesting’ people away.)

Goodness! Part of me is glad I’m not the fool who maybe posted wrong / doesn’t know where to search etc. but… yeah that sounds pretty crazy! Did you find at least one or two decent logo artists?
(free services irk me. just how and why…?)

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That’s insane! I haven’t tried anything (to be fair my ‘main’ gig isn’t such a popular thing so far) but seeing this is just… wow.
Honestly I’ve heard weirds stories from BR but I thought that it’s less… like this I guess? Maybe I was convinced it was exaggerated haha. I feel like many buyers might end up running away from fiverr itself. The idea of BRs are great, helps people who might not know where to start or want something specific but when it’s so chaotic I don’t think it helps anyone.

Thank you. I keep telling her she should pursuit that as career, but she is at that age I say Moon is white and I have to be careful not to say it in a wrong way. I do not want to be one of those “parent who pushed you to play piano or violin” so I am just standing aside and whenever there is a chance to score an artwork (for B-day, holidays, mothers day), all I ask is for her to draw me something. I just got my NY drawing and I am like mesmerized.

Just to be safe I am not just a mother with pink glasses I sent her artwork to one of my friends who was famous designer before but decided to remove himself from social media presence.

He was shocked and told me she IS truly talented, it is not just me.

But me as Level 2 seller, I can help her set up GIG and everything, but as you said,

This is a reason why I think not to disclose her age in her profile. I mean, nothing in Fiverr stipulates that we must say how “young” are we.

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So, you wanted to start 2021 with migraine? :smiley:

Yes. this is standard in logo BR, skip the offer, go directly in inbox.

Not to be silly here since I am offering logo design, but why don’t you do what they (some of them) are doing anyway, go on online logo makers and try to come up with something nice, then turn it into a vector, or hire someone to vectorized it an put in the format for social media presence?

My last client had a logo in mind but he wanted to have all the branding also resolved, templates for IG, profile, cover images, thumbnail branding etc. He saved money on the actual logo design.

Haha that wasn’t really my plan, but it definitely happened! :grinning:

That’s actually a really good idea! I didn’t even think of that. Thanks!

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