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Respect yourself (as a seller)

I was able to find a few decent logo artists, but it still wasn’t really what I was looking for. So I ended up doing my own research to find a good logo artist!

I know right!! When people offer free services, it makes them sound kind of desperate for work, yet they aren’t making any money from that work! It’s really confusing!

@krheate On the risk of being off-topic here I feel it is my duty to warn you to test out potential designers you selected by using google search images. If any of the images they have in the portfolio is available on the internet, chances are you will get stock footage.
It is not the best way since some designers mask the logo they stolen by using the photo in the background, but still.
Also, go through the logo design brief questionnaire so you can narrow down easier what you like and do not like.

Excellent post!

I’ve ventured into the BRs daily only recently to see what some Buyers are looking for.

Out of maybe 5 new BRs a week in my category (web content) there is maybe one I can do (I don’t speak anything other than English and many BRs I see are for other languages).

Out of those I have yet to see any offering a decent fee/price.

However, I can see there are usually 20+ offers made.

I shake my head.

I’m far from desperate enough to work for peanuts.

Your post is brilliant…only if it is read.

Thank you for posting it.

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Sorry for this post being off-topic.

Before choosing my logo designer, I actually searched up their images to see if they used stolen photos. Surprisingly, none of the artists that I was considering has stolen work, but that could be because I had a high budget, so I was looking at more expensive designers. Thanks for the warning though!


I’m probably going to sound really harsh here, but when it comes to illustrators… those kind of illustrator are probably not worth much anyway. A lot of those types of sellers are scammers in the first place. They steal work from other artists and modify it in photoshop to somewhat fit what you asked.

I’ve seen soooo many of them, reported so many of them too, but Fiverr doesn’t seem to do much about them. Buyers don’t always notice it, so they end up with good reviews, but as an illustrator myself I can spot them miles away.

I’m not saying all of them are scammers, but let’s face it, in some countries I won’t name, there is way to many “expert” and “professional” in the illustration category to be real.


That’s something I saw as well unfortunately- there were far too many offers that just seemed… off in many ways?
If I’m being honest, I do come from a not-so-wealthy country myself (Hungary, fiverr seems to still think I’m Italian but I guess all you have to do is flip the flag, so…) and I know how people get very desperate. And I feel bad for them… but in the end, I’m paying for a service here, right? I’d hate to have a ‘pretty’ illustration for my webnovel only to see it another website. I think something should be done against this but fiverr doesn’t seem to care. Then again, monitoring such a huge website can’t be easy but still…

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lol, you are right but…

Yeah it’s tough because you want to give someone a leg up but you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. It would be a loss to you, the buyer, and pointless for them, the seller.


Now I have heard everything!!! Wow that’s shocking!

Just for future VO search, there are so many amazing choices. Be sure to look at their live portfolio. That will tell you where they are now and what the voice sounds like today…Not 5 years ago. Also, demos can hide a lot of issues with sound, quality and audio issues. Pay attention to the recent live Fiverr jobs because most are without music and you can really hear the voice.

But just don’t ask for a free sample of the script. I only give that when a buyer accepts an offer or is in my order queue.


@songmusic151 If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.