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Respected BUYERS This is Too much!


Many Buyers think that they can buy a whole world for only $5.
i have many of experiences where buyer wants a large project for only $5.
when a seller talks about an extra charging,then they just leave Seller by saying "You are Too expensive"
like seriously what are your expectations to get for $5 hmm ??



Just pray to get luxury buyers :smiley: it does work for me, I am lucky lol kidding…


Just life in the open market.

Say something in your gig description or FAQs about quality and not being the cheapest. Figure out early in a conversation if they are just looking for cheap, or if they understand getting great quality usually means far more than $5.

Also note: I just quickly scanned your gig. You’re inviting many of these buyers with your gig description:

“… lowest prices, satisfaction guaranteed or you don’t pay. ask me anything -”

Your gig says you have the lowest prices, and basically guarantee satisfaction or you don’t pay. That’s fine if that’s what you need to get started, but at some point they either believe you or they don’t.

It starts with letting the buyers know you’re good at what you do, and you are not the lowest prices as many buyers will take that as $5.

We set the tone… Talk about your quality, talk about value (different than low price…), talk about your dedication to doing great work for them…

There will always be someone with lower prices. Earn the right to charge a little more. You get better buyers, ones who value your efforts more. Plus you don’t get undercut every month by the new people joining the site, just looking to price things cheap to get started.


Yeah Maam i noticed that. but what you suggest me to do ? like what type of tone i have to set ? your help will be greatly appreciated.thanks


hahahaha funny one :smiley: