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Respected Buyers

Hello Buyers,

I know there are many experienced professionals worldwide who is on FIVERR today.

My small request is please do give chance to the newbie’s or new sellers here on fiverr. We would always love to hear from you through out the day. Yes ! sometimes we get disappointed thinking that … Oh no! No offers even today !! :frowning: as we keep hoping at least we may get one offer for the day.

Dear buyers, I know you may have your favourite sellers for your work getting done .and would love to always work with them… but a small request from my side to please have a look at the new sellers talent too, give some recognition.

Buyers, you are our customers, and customers are equal to GOD. We would always love to hear from you.

I just wanted to put forward a word from my heart today . and I hope I have not hurt any buyer through this message.

Good day to all !

Not hurt your imotions but it sounds like begging for orders that makes you look unprofessional in your work.

Hey, my fellow Fiverrer,

I’m a newbie too, so I understand your frustration. However, as a newbie, I’m meeting many buyers willing to work with new sellers too. Yeah, I know buyers might be sceptic about the quality of the work you provide since there is no review. The solution: try to minimize buyers’ risk. Create your portfolio, send some samples if they ask, offer a 100 % Satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revisions. I wish much success on Fiverr!

Do not worry, you’ll see that some offers will come! The important thing is to be competitive on the market and not get depressed, you can also follow some little tips to implement your business; observes the profiles of the most experienced salespeople, share your page on social networks, follow the Fiverr Academy and forumcommunity. You can also choose to offer advantages over other vendors, such as a fast eseguzione work time, special offers via the “Pack”.

From a point of view you have to propose you the best of your ability and your professionalism, the other for a customer is a Safety contact a seller already experienced :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !!

Getting a single order needs putting my efforts from my end and I did my part. The word " begging" which you have used is literally unprofessional on your part which is a kind of insulting the new sellers here on fiverr.
One thing to remember - Today may be you are successful and pointing out others, but tomorrow you may even loose and get rejected because of your work.

Never underestimate someones efforts, because you have also come from stage zero to a position where you are now.

I think I have given a right reply to a cheap comment.

Your message is really helpful to me. Thanks for your encouragement :slight_smile:

First of all I am extremely sorry if you felt my reply as insulting, don’t mind. :wink:

And here are just a few tips you can use-

  1. Use your own pic as your profile image(now you are using an image of Anushka Sharma).

  2. Correct the grammatical errors on your profile description. Like- Punctuation marks, capital letters and all that.


Just change your pic. I wouldn’t order from you with that pic because it’s not you.

Just wondering, but how do you know that it’s not her?

That pic is of Anushka Sharma, an Indian bollywood actress. LoL.

Thanks for your indirect suggestion, but I stick to few things " Evaluate my work but not my display picture, Point out my bad skills, and not a profile picture".

Actually, she offered you one of the most important advices. As a seller, is really important to use your own profile image.

Your GiG images doesn’t looks attractive. I would suggest to improve them.

Thank you , would do it for sure .

Now you have “Poonam Kaur”, an Indian Telugu actresses as your profile picture.