Respon rate decreased


I want to ask for help. Why my response rate decreased when I did not long reply to messages from clients


It is going to go down if you don’t reply back to your clients.

Fiverr asks that sellers respond to all client messages within 24 hours (even if it is spam or totally random stuff). You could always just reply by saying “I am sorry but I am a little busy right now. I will get back to you ASAP.” or “no, thanks” or “sorry, not interested”. :slight_smile:

You can also check Fiverr’s own article on this:


Did you mean you did not take long to reply to messages? :thinking:

In any case, you must respond to every message even if it is not from a client. You must respond even to the spam. If you have not then that may be the issue. As @hanshuber16 said Fiverr asks that you respond within 24 hours.


I suppose, you were inactive for long time. Meanwhile, maybe any buyer sent you any inquiries but you failed to reply within 24 hours. As a result your response rate decreased.


The first time, It will decrease if you don’t reply, try to reply in one hour, that’s it.


@arafatjamil01 Response Rate is only affected if you don’t reply within 24 hours.
Replying within 1 hour affects your Response Time.

Those are two different statistics and only response rate can cause you to lose a level.


Thank you. I din’t know that well. Please suggest a link where these data are written


The seller help centre is really useful! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same problem with me. i want to know why?


Thanks for this idea


Respond to every single message you get within 24 hours (preferably a bit less) even if the message is useless or spam. If it’s spam, unmark it as spam, respond to it, then mark it as spam again. Doing this 100% of the time will keep your response rate high. If you get a spam message that is blocked and you cannot unmark it to respond, contact Customer Support.

As far as response time, you only need to worry about that if it matters to your own buyers. Otherwise it makes little difference except that it might affect search ranking slightly. Most buyers do like a 1-2 hour response time and I strive to keep mine under 4 hrs. You won’t be demoted for having a long response time, but you can be demoted for not responding within 24 hours.

Simplified: Respond to every message you get 100% of the time and do it within 24 hours to avoid a low response rate.


Hi many many thanks for this information. very useful for every seller