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Respond Time Rate to 48hours!

I have a small problem guys, i didn’t talked with any client yet because am new here, only exchange few messages with few users here about an offer i was asking and few spam me with messages and offers that didn’t met my request and my respond time went to 2 days!!! 2 days!!!

Hows that reflects my business image? I didn’t left a client hanging in my life and for sure i didn’t talked with any one here yet !! How can i fix this issue?


Your profile looks very professional, buyers do not bother your response rate, if your gigs and service are outstanding.
They will count the response which you will give them.

Your response time will be decrease when you will answer the messages instantly


Hey thanks for the comments !!! the one thing that makes you different from others is the quality of work and behaviour , so am doing my best to stand out. ! i really appreciate your reply


My pleasure :slight_smile:


anyone?? knows why i have such a high respond rate since i never talked with a customer yet?

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Did you reply to/mark all spam messages as spam within 24 hours? Unfortunately,
you need to react to everything (edit: mind you, only to the 1st message of each new person, you don’t need to reply to every single message of the same person), including spam, within 24 hours to keep your response rate up, and the sooner you react, the better your response time.

Check out Fiverr’s Seller Help Center to see how all the metrics work and for more useful info to not “fall into any traps”.


oh lord… :frowning: now i get it. thanks for the answer!!! how am going to fix this now?

Ironically, now, continued spam would help you, so you can reply to that ASAP, that’s the only way to get your response rate (%) up and your response time (hours) down again.

Of course, replying to actual customers would help as well, if any message you, and be preferable but many new sellers receive a lot more spam than actual inquiries.

These metrics reset after 60 days, though, so even if you’d not get any further messages to fix it, there’s at least that, it’s not ‘game over’.

That info and many more things you should know as a seller here is in the Seller Help Center that I mentioned above, I really recommend reading it, it should have prevented your current situation and might prevent other future issues (find the link under Help&Support on the main page or just google “Fiverr Seller Help Center”).