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Respond to Instructions - Receive and Review


It is so important that buyers, when making an order, and espcially multiple orders, that they respond to the instructions for each order individually. Then when each order is delivered, the buyer must acknowledge, “receive” each order individually and respond so that the order is considered complete! I don’t know how many times I have had a customer make an order and not respond to the instructions until I send a message to them. Then when I deliver, the order sits, marked as delivered but not as completed because the buyer has not responded to the delivery. So in review: My TIPS FOR BUYERS: Find A Gig; If you place a Request Gig, remove it when you have found a Seller to work with; Order & Pay; Respond to Instructions; Receive and Review; Submit Feedback


One of every 5-6 buyers of mine, never respond exactly to what i requested from them, in the instructions, after they purchase my gigs. So i have to send them 1-2 messages. Also from time to time i find buyers who do not understand what they bought and don`t give me the proper information. Thing like these happens. As a seller, you just have to be patience…