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Responding to a blind review when I am suspicious that buyer left a bad review

Okay so I suspect this is going to be my first bad review in 2 years of 5-star reviews, anyway I did to this seller 5 free revisions and then he asked to do the video entirety in another language, I sent extra for 15$(cheap as hell) ,he withdrawn the offer and marked the order complete ,what do you think I should do in this case of blind review,should I say what he has done and leave 3 stars or below review,or leave good review,or never leave a review and get the bad/good review in 10 days and never have to chance to reply back. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :zipper_mouth_face:


or should I post this with the real name

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This is the problem we all face now. I have a problem buyer too and no idea what to say in a review. I simply cannot bring myself to report in public the bad behavior of buyers, unless they leave a false or misleading bad review. I will leave no reviews. It’s so stressful. I also think bad buyers are catching on to this now and using it to try to get more out of sellers they didn’t pay for.


“Client wanted video in another language so i offered my service through the extra feature. All though they declined, i hope they decide to reach out to me if they change their mind.”

Now forget the fact that you feel they left you a review that wasn’t a perfect 5 stars. How would you honestly rate the transaction in it’s entirety? Did the client do something inappropriate during the transaction to receive less than a 5 star? Did they demand you work for free or use a threatening tone? Now based off that alone give them a rating.

I know you don’t want to look like an ass by giving them a 5 star and getting a 3 in return, but you are rating the buyer on how they conduct business. They are rating you on how you conduct business and also the quality of your work.

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This is counter productive to sales. Why announce to the world the bad behavior of buyers without seeing their review, and thereby announcing to sellers you like to name and shame buyers? It’s not what I want to be or do, and not how I want to show the buyers of fiverr that I am.

It’s totally unprofessional for sellers to report in public problems they have with buyers, unless it’s to explain why they left a bad review.


UPDATE: minutes later the buyer came to me in INBOX with the revisions that he wants to do, saying nothing.

Now what to do…I don’t think its allowed to ask him if If he left a bad or a good review.

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I don’t think what i wrote was shaming the buyer at all, it was a honest review on my part. If you want it more simplified just say “Hope you reach out to me if you change your mind.”

What a position to be put in. It depends on if you say in your description that you will do more reviews, regardless of what he said in the review.

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Also another update…he sends another message saying " send the offer" “I will accept” should I send him the offer and risk a “maybe” another bad review? this is so stressful and its 2 AM here…


No. I don’t even want to leave a suggestion for what you should do in case it’s wrong. I’m afraid it’s up to you.

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Does he want to pay for these revisions?

You could ask if he liked his previous order with you without mentioning the word review.
On second thought no, don’t do that. This is so impossible to judge.

I think being afraid of bad reviews is not a good idea. If you don’t review, buyers review will remain hiding, right? Then don’t rate him,
Regarding gig extra, I think increasing sale is more important than avoiding reviews. You are not taking order just fearing another bad review! You know now what will make him happy. So doing that accordingly would be wise decision. Maximum time, when they are on course to order buyers don’t look at all the reviews. After all, review is not everything.

I believe if you don’t leave a reply their review will be visible after 10 days.

Let me share what I think.
First I’d like to tell that getting negative review it’s quite normal thing even you work perfectly. There are different people with different opinions and you can’t please everyone.

Second remember that the way you respond to negative rate influence your other clients. So feedback should be respectful and at the same time reflect the real situation. I usually put 5 stars and write something “I respect all my clients that’s why I rate him with the 5 stars” and after continue review.

And Third you have to review. If he rate you badly you should protect yourself. If he rate with 5 stars you provide real information with respect to your client. He wouldn’t be able to change his review. Maximum he will not order again but it’s better not to work with people like this.

it is blind review he can’t see
now let’s say buyer left him 5 start review because of those extra free revision and he start saying blaha blahaha horiribile double horrible triple horrible … He lose customer

If he left one star and he respond with thank you for your order or with five star … he lose customer

If buyer mentioned some thing specific he does not address that specific … He lose customer

Problem is not bad review problem is blind review

My suggestion is dont rate buyer. ateast you don’t look like an idiot it is not the best response but it is best available response.

This blind review is a hoooot mess.


I feel so stupid when I leave a review now and I know I sound idiotic since my reviews are not in relation at all to the review the buyer left for me. It’s a total mess. I sound like a seller who does not understand English.


I feel you, or just lacks very basic manners and congeniality- "Thank you so and so, it’s been a pleasure! Take care! "

I can’t say anything about it’s been a pleasure now, because it won’t have BEEN a pleasure if I have a 1 star review…:eyes:


Please see update on the review system from 10-16-18: Gig feedback and reviews