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Responding to a Buyer's Review: Opinions Appreciated


Backstory because it IS the Ranting Pot…

A couple weeks ago, I received this message from a potential buyer:

“Hello, I need my paper in by today 8 PM EASTERN TIME. I purchased a gig from someone and it is over due (I purchased it 5 days ago). My paper is due in 7 hour. Can you help me please? It is less than 2 pages.”

I said that wouldn’t be a problem, and it wasn’t. I had her proofread paper back to her in 6 hours at no extra charge. (I would have charged extra if had it been a particular inconvenience or if I had orders in front of hers, but that wasn’t the case.)

She responded a couple hours later requesting a cancellation because “My tutor said it still has grammatical errors.”

I rejected her request and told her that her tutor was incorrect. (Not especially professional, but it caught me off guard.)

At this point, I was curious and irritated, so I turned detective and visited her profile. Color me shocked, she’s got a PhD in Professional Writing from Harvard. Of course she does. Now I’m kicking myself for not bothering to do check her profile out before I welcomed her order since she’s an obvious pants-on-fire-liar-face. Lesson learned.

Two days later, she initiated another cancellation, this time saying, “Was not done correctly. I had to purchase from another seller”

Well, I know that’s :poop:, so I responded with “It was done exceptionally well, and I’ll be happy to provide the Fiverr Support Team with screenshots of your document before and after editing, complete with time stamps, so they can judge for themselves. Furthermore, according to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, which you agreed to upon sign up, ‘Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.’ Thanks so much for understanding.”

After that, nothing. The order automatically completed. Since then, I’ve been waiting for the review to drop, and today it did!

“Biggest Scam Ever! The Seller did not edit anything. I would never recommend gig to anyone. I asked for a refund and the Seller declined multiple times. The Seller was rude, and dishonest. WORST”

Sooooo… naturally, I want to respond with my own review, but I don’t want it to come across badly to potential buyers reading it. Here’s where I would really appreciate your feedback. How do either of these sound?

The only truth in the buyer’s review is that I did decline her request for a refund multiple times. I have the unfortunate habit of expecting payment for my services, even when they only cost $5.


“Projection: the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially : the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety”


I could go with a generic I’m sorry you weren’t happy with my service, but 1) that’d be a lie and 2) it doesn’t address any of her accusations.

Thoughts? Opinions?


I would go with this one, except maybe you could put something in there about:



Ha! Thanks for the input, Vickie. A :blossom: for your trouble.

That’s the one I’m leaning towards too.


“BIGGEST SCAM EVER!” doesn’t sound particularly honest or serious to begin with, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about the feedback.

…it’s unfortunate that it appears to have downgraded your 5.0 rating though.

I’d go with the first option and include some reference to ‘obvious pants-on-fire-liar-face’ as @vickiespencer recommended.


Thanks jovanibrown! A :hibiscus: for you!
I agree that her review sounds fishy. Who sets up a scam proofreading gig? A bad proofreading gig, perhaps, but not a scam. That’s just weird.
And it definitely stinks to have my 5 :star: record broken, but I figure it had to happen eventually. :confused:


So i did some digging of my own and checked that buyers profile (I’m not a stalker, just saying) This is what i found “PhD writing service covers PhD proposals, PhD title creation and thesis writing support” Clearly she was trying to sell your delivery to someone else which i think didnt go as planned. These are times i really wish fiverr give us REPORT button for buyers.

I myself would go for Point A. MINUS the “pants-on-fire-liar-face” i know and understand the urge to bash but we should always come out as professionals. Your review should not come off as rude because other potential buyers will also read it.


I saw that too, and that’s an interesting take on it. The essay she sent me didn’t seem to be related to that though, and she doesn’t actually have any active gigs. Then again, I probably shouldn’t have high expectations about the writing sample of someone using a “PhD writing service.”

Absolutely! That’s why I’m rounding up opinions here before responding to hers. I won’t include any name-calling for sure.
Thanks umerkhawer! For you, :sunflower:


Anytime. Thank you for the :sunflower:


I would go with the first response, as it doesn’t sound reactionary. I know it’s tempting…I think almost everyone on here can relate and sympathise. I had a really bad review a couple of months ago, where the buyer got quite personal and rude.

Do you include revisions with you order? If so, maybe you could state that the buyer had the opportunity for a revision but you can’t understand why they didn’t ask for it. That’s what I did; I made them out to be unreasonable in the nicest way possible. (Because they were). :wink:

And as someone stated earlier, there really should be a report button for buyers as well. That would be the democratic thing to do!


Thank you jonrichards! A :cherry_blossom: for you.

That’s a great point! I don’t explicitly offer any revisions, but if a buyer ever requested one, I wouldn’t mind providing it.


I’ve never seen a faker on the site stealing a famous person’s name before, that’s a new one. Their photo is designed to elicit sympathy I guess. Using reverse image search I traced it back to a Huffington Post writer from an article about pregnancy from 2015. Yet another Harvard Uni faker… really I think Fiverr sellers should only be able to say they went to a university if they have been pre-screened and confirmed, false impressions are too easy to make. As a Brit I’m slightly irked that more of them don’t choose Oxford or Cambridge or LSE, but I guess Harvard is the gold standard for “geeze I’m impressive” these days.


The terms of service says “Users with the intention to defame competing sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.”.

The reviewer is a competing seller, even though their competing gig is currently paused. Maybe Fiverr staff/Trust & Safety team could remove the review (assuming you won’t get in trouble for asking them to) since it is a competing seller and especially if that seller is putting in provably false information into the review (eg. by saying no editing was done when there is proof that editing was done).

But if a reply to the review was made, I’d go with number 1 or something similar (eg. stating that editing was done as specified in the gig and that “Fiverr customer support can confirm this” or something).


:rofl: Have a whole :bouquet:, that tickled me.

I agree that it’s a sympathy pic too. Just imagine if she(?) put as much effort into writing her essay as she did creating a scammy account…


I may have fallen for the buyers review, except the fact she asked for refund. That part tells me she was upset at not getting her money back and decided to retaliate with bad review.

I say return the favor by giving 1 :star: and highlighting the “refund” portion.

I’m going to be blunt, but I’m not too thrilled with any of your responses. I think you can go into more detail by speaking to the fact you did a once in a lifetime expedited service, she didn’t ask for revision, you wanted to work with her, etc. But she was only interested in $. (NOT in those exact words)


Thanks, uk1000. :rosette:

It really never occurred to me that she might be a competing seller. While I’m not thrilled about her review- obviously- I’m not going to take it to CS. I think her intention was to get something for free, not defame her competition. Which is still skeezy, but not worth the hassle. (* She says prior to getting demoted in January *)


Thank you for your bluntness and your suggestions, Gina! I was actually hoping for some critical feedback. Those responses were the first that came to my mind, and I was afraid they were a bit (a bunch) passive-aggressive rather than professional.

Have a :rose:.


This 3 little sentences say everything about your client and why you should avoid her.
Whoever let’s get things out of hands like that will be a pain in the bum. It’s like she has “I will cause problems!” written on her forehead. No Phd. needed, lol.


If you can show support that you actually did edit the original document then they MIGHT remove that review as it says you did not do anything which is a lie. No guarantee as reviews are rarely removed nowadays but worth a try. From what you have said the conversation would support this too.


You are :100:% correct.

Her claim that she had “purchased a gig from someone and it is over due” totally triggered my hero-response. I’ll restore your faith in humanity, poor pregnant damsel!



I guess it’s worth a shot?!

Eeeeek… It makes me nervous to call attention to my gig since proofreaders seem to have been under some scrutiny lately. Of course, I don’t do homework/assignments for people or imply that I do, so it shouldn’t be an issue. But yay paranoia, nonetheless.