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Responding to Fiverr naysayers


I’m celebrating 5 years on Fiverr this week. Yea for me! I found Fiverr through a colleague who had nothing but negative things to say about the site. “It’s for cheap people who don’t care about quality” “Nothing but amateurs on there” 5 years later, I’m working every day at what I love to do. Making a full-time living and have created countless return buyers and in some cases friendships with buyers and other sellers.

I came across this blog posted by a fellow vo artist that I actually respect. In it, he suggests that Fiverr sellers are not professionals. Really?

So what’s your reaction when you read such things or hear that Fiverr is for amateurs?How do you respond to the naysayers?


One of my friend said he checked Fiverr after finding out I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years.
He said that some of the gigs looked professional, others looked like a bunch of amateurs which to a certain extent is true. I have seen way too many sellers here who are not capable of doing what they claim they can, but on the other hand I have seen so many talented people here.

When my friend expressed his negative attitude towards Fiverr, I showed him a gig of this guy dancing in spandex, wishing people a happy birthday. My friend’s reaction was something along the lines of "I can’t believe people are paying for that."
Well guess what, people are paying for that, and this guy is making money by dancing in spandex. By singing in thongs. By drawing with coffee. By holding a sign. By making their pet hold a sign.
I asked him what can he do to make $5, and he gave me this “point taken” look. :slight_smile:


I deal with naysayers every day in my life. I just ignore them.


Even in the forum there have been some people said bad things about Fiverr. But their opinions have never affected my opinion about this site a tiny bit.


When I talk about Fiverr with people that might make a use of it, they always sound so skeptical. They can’t believe “people on the internet” a willing to pay 5$ for such things. Potential, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose!


What do you mean by nayseller?


Its naysayers…read carefully…He is talking about the sellers who earn too much on fiverr still comment negative for it just because they are pessimistic in their real life…I can only say just ignore them and use your own mind and strategies for being successful


Fiverr is full of incompetent and cheap sellers though, and also attracts cheap and nasty buyers.

I hate both. That’s my naysaying done. Aside from that, Fiverr’s alright by me.


Thanks for saying this, irishguy1! I think Fiverr broke the traditional mold on how to sell services, and people tend to denigrate it without looking into it too much.

I’m old enough to remember the days when people yapped about the “cheap Japanese cars” like Honda and Toyota. Then they found out those were well made cars. I think the same phenomenon is happening here.

If it’s outside the traditional norm, a lot of “professionals” don’t want to accept that quality work can happen on this venue.

I’ve been working on Fiverr for about 8 months, but I’m like you - I’ve developed some great return buyers and made some friends! I plan to continue working here for a long time!


Well said, danno1950. I’ve long stopped trying to convert the unbelievers.




Hope to be a success one in fiverr. :slight_smile: