Responding to Messages - stuck in a loop!


I don’t know if I’m going to like this new response time metric Fiverr has just implemented. Every time I get a message - even as part of an on-going conversation - I have to reply to it. Even if the last message is just to say, “Okay, thanks!,” and the buyer doesn’t need a response, the system STILL tells me that I have to respond to it.


I mean, it’s an infinite loop! Imagine that there are two sellers having a conversation about an order one placed with the other - the system would never let either one of them off the hook because it would insist on a response from one or the other every time!


Has Customer Support clarified how the system works yet? Replying to any message received will be tedious affair… I would rather spend my time working on sth productive.


Really? Because the system doesn’t tell me any such thing. This is what I get:

"The order countdown is now ticking …

Don’t waste your time reading this message …"

I keep my responses to a minimum and focus on delivering the work instead. That’s what really counts towards your average time, mine is “3 Days On Average” for all my gigs.


I’m not talking about orders, I’m talking about just messages. For example, I’m chatting with a buyer/seller on Fiverr who ordered a gig with me, and then we got to chatting about other stuff long after the gig had finished and been reviewed. Now, everytime I get a message from this client it’s part of the same conversation thread in my inbox and we can’t even send a “last word” message to each other without the system being like, “Oh, hey - that’s a message. You have to respond to it, dummy.”


You’ll be posting a lot of “No… Thank You!..”


Reply to @landongrace: Yeah, no kidding - I already created a quick response for it, lol


So…the response tracking does want us to respond to every single message from buyers/other users? Not just the first ones or the…I don’t know…relevant ones?


Some messages don’t trigger the “RESPOND NOW!” prompt, but others do - in particular, messages that are part of a threaded conversation that began with an order. It’s possible they’re already working out these bugs, but yeah… damn looping craziness.


Agreed. I put out a custom request, and got quite a few useless convo’s, and replying to spam just makes it worse. But of course I have to reply to it to keep my rating. I left two of them, and my response time went from 1 hour to 16 hours, even though I respond to most customer convo’s in less than 10 minutes.


No, I didn’t even bother putting in a ticket. Unless other people are still having this problem as of today, I think it’s been resolved. I had one day of this damn loop, but it hasn’t repeated since.


Reply to @jamesbulls: what if the same user contacts you again, like a week later? will the counter start back up? Or is it just the first time you EVER talk to a particular user, and once you respond to them your response will never be tracked again. It really is pointless if you ask me!

customrapsongs said: Reply to @jamesbulls: what if the same user contacts you again, like a week later?
That was the exact scenario that caused the problem in the first place. But it seems to have been fixed, so I'm not going crazy about it anymore.


I don’t know… doesn’t seem fixed to me. My response rate just went from 100% to 50% because I had a bunch of conversations that the buyers ended. I feel like I stuck in a bad movie where we keep bowing to each and no one knows how to break away. Stupid.


This was bothering me at first too, but I do think they’ve fixed it. No longer stuck in the loops! I’m now at 100% response rate even if I haven’t responded to the last couple of messages yet. Which could also be a mistake, but maybe they’ve figured out some way to tell when a conversation is just “over.” That would be some pretty smart technology, actually!


Reply to @writerlisaz: My hope would be that they’ve set it to only track whether or not you answer the very first message a user sends you. Otherwise, you will have to go back and forth into infinity to keep your percentage at 100% (especially if the other person is doing the same thing!).


Reply to @writerlisaz: Yesterday I was at 100% with around 6 unanswered messages. Today I’m at 88% with 0 unanswered messages. I can’t win. :frowning:


Reply to @muse_m: hahaha


As far as I’m aware, @emasonwrities is correct in saying that it’s only the first reply you do to a new message that counts towards your responsiveness percentage. They stated this when the new system was put in place.