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Responding to messages when I am asleep!

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone else faces this issue. I sometimes get messages from buyers in the middle of the night when I am sleeping. I know that Fiverr puts up a warning message to the buyer that it is night time where I am at, so my response might be delayed. But do they factor the fact that I could be (and probably am) sleeping into how they calculate my response time? And if there is a “Night time” window, what would that be? 10pm - 7am?

I just don’t want my response time being sent further downward after I get a message at 3am and don’t respond to it until 9am.


Hello, Chris!

When you’re nappin’ :zzz:. Keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to jump up out of bed to reply to messages. Fiverr gives us 24-hours to respond to the message, before it affects our stats. Now, the other issue is… Let’s say you have a habit of waiting a few hours, more than 3+. Your response time could reflect on your profile as 6-hrs-8-hrs-12-hrs etc. My personal goal is for it to show anywhere between 1-3 hours. As long as you respond within :two: :four:you’re good to go. :ok_hand:t4:


@nikavoice Thanks for the quick response. Glad to know that I can actually get some sleep!

I have another question, not sure if I should start a new topic or not. How do ongoing messages effect your response time? Are you only graded on how long it takes to reply to the initial buyer request, or on every message that is sent? I have often wondered if not replying to a “final” message in the order process (Like they say “Thank You” to me in a message) will effect by response time? Do I need to always make sure, as a seller, that I have the last word?


For response rate, you need to reply to every first message from a new person within 24 hours.

For average response time, responding to every message is calculated.

No, you don’t.

Don’t worry, I sleep at night and don’t have the last word when it wouldn’t make sense, and my response rate/average response time is 100%/1 hour.


@catwriter Thanks so much for the quick response. And thanks for the clarification.

If I could, I would post a gig on Fiverr for Professional Worrier!

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I wouldn’t want to work for anyone who is mad at me for sleeping through the night.


Right!!.. Same here
I need that rest


Right? Sleep is an investment, anyway.


Hi guys,

I have also been informed by my Fiverr business manager that now, we need to respond quickly to every message from our clients who have placed orders.

This also contributes to the response rate stats–rolled in together with how fast we respond to the very first message on a new client inquiry.

Thought you would want to know as I understand this has only just changed. My comment only pertains to messages from clients with whom we have current, active orders live in our dashboards. If someone has not placed an order, then only your reply to their first message is counted.

I did say this could be a problem as some of my ‘active’ ordering clients would message me all day, every day if they could! Some just like the chit-chat… and it’s hard to ignore them and get on with the work now I know that my responses to active clients can affect my response time.


Thanks for letting us know, but at the end of the day, people need to sleep and shouldn’t let this affect their sleep.


Hi @chrisnorman862. you made a really good post. I had the same question in my mind. Now I’m also clear. Thank you very much.

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I hope it doesn’t mean that we’re officially not allowed to sleep whenever we have active orders and our buyers message us.


I think sellers should reply their buyers within 24 hours at lest (If they’re unable to reply very quick). If anyone reply after 24 hours then his/her response time will decrease. So don’t worry. Try to response as quickly as possible and if you’re in sleep then reply when you waken up. Thanks

Thanks so much for this information.

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