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Responding to messages


I keep dropping levels, because apparently I am not responding to messages. My stats say that I have only responded to 56% of inquiries, but I have responded to every single message I have received, except for the tail end of one conversation with a potential buyer who was being rude.

What are the rules about this? Is there some sort of time frame involved?


You’ve got to reply within 24 hours of getting a message for the first time from somebody - if you don’t it counts as being unanswered and goes against your percentage.


Make sure you respond to the spam messages. It sucks, but I’ve learned from experience. Just reporting it and not replying tanked my RR in the past. So, I always reply back with something even if it’s just an emoji (:rage:)


Yes, I agree. Just make sure to answer every message.


Thanks everyone! That makes sense. Oh, the spammers… :frowning: