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Responding to requests outside your niche

Hi, I’ve received a few messages in the past week asking if I could do work well outside the niches in which my gigs are placed in.

When responding to these requests, I have thanked them for contacting me, but have politely declined their request stating that the work would be outside my area of knowledge.

I then suggest that they search for a relevant seller using the Fiverr search feature.

Is this the proper thing to do? Is there another way in which I should respond to these types of requests?

Thank you

You did exactly the right thing. And you could also report and block them.

You did the right thing. Since the required work lies outside your area of expertise, it would not only be wrong to the buyer but also to you as the quality of work delivered won’t be high quality that you’d like. It’s ideal to decline the request by telling them the actual reason. Always be fair to the buyers and honest to yourself. :slight_smile: