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Responds Time & rate Problem

Hello Dear
I have a big problem. My Responds Time is automatic from 1 hour to 2 hours Where I did not receive any message. Same My Responds rate is automatic from 90% to 86%…It’s My big problem.
So please help and suggest me.

If you’ve checked all your message folders (check all) and you think the response rate it is showing is incorrect (ie. you responded within 24 hours to a higher percentage of messages you’ve received in the last 60 days - or flagged them as spam within 24 hours or they were automatically flagged as spam) you can contact support via a support ticket and ask them to check it and if necessary they could run a fix which would correct your response rate (and/or maybe response time if that’s incorrect).


This is the key phrase you should examine.

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no need for making multiple same threads… And like it is mention above, it is based on last 60 days


Sir, Thank You So much