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Response from CS about order limits

CS got back to me about why I was still receiving orders even though I’m overbooked. They’ve said it’s not a bug.

It’s not a bug. Got it.

So then… what’s the purpose of this button?



I asked this question in my reply, and another agent got back to me with this response:

If you have put your gig on Pause, use the Vacation mode, or you have set the limit of orders, but you appreciate you old and returning customers and want them to be able to reach you at any time, they can do this through the direct link you have shared with them.

Great. So then turning it OFF means that they CAN’T do that. Am I missing something here?


I would only recommend setting an incredibly high price or delivery time of 15-30 days.
In order to limit the orders in the queue, I always raise my prices.
Using Out of the Office mode and other similar solutions may negatively affect your stats.
If you offer a voiceover for $200, there won’t be a lot of buyers to order it. At the same time, your gig will be shown in search and you can communicate with customers to work with them in the future.

Even if someone orders it, it will be a great motivation to finish it to get :moneybag:

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Thanks - I’m actually out of the woods now with being overbooked, I am just trying to understand why no one seems to actually know what the overbooked feature does or whether or not it actually works.


It’s like the updated blocking feature.
You can block the buyer from sending you messages, but they will be able to place new orders.

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Yeah, I understand that. But then what does this button do? active

What’s the point of this button, if whether or not it’s turned on or off, buyers can still place orders?


This is not how it used to work before, because I am indeed puzzled. The limit for my gig was reached about three days ago and every day I still receive orders and most of them are new to the platform. I even went to make sure the ‘Keep Direct Link Active’ was set to off. So something is wrong somewhere.


I feel like I’m going crazy here. CS just keeps saying “someone with a direct link can place an order” - that’s my whole point, then the “keep direct link active” button is broken, if regardless of whether or not it’s OFF, anyone with a direct link can place an order.

Can someone please tell me I’m not crazy here?? :rofl:


If one more person tells me “anyone with a direct link to your gig can place an order” I am actually going to scream and become a ghost


Yeah, the button definitely has to be broken.

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I’d ask a third time. And use very short, simple sentences. Because boy do they not read (or occasionally understand) questions.

I’ve always assumed that disabling the link and limiting orders in queue takes care of your problems (and last time I did it, it worked).


It happened to me a couple of times to get orders after I reach the limit. I noticed that that the order limit and the direct link option both work but it takes some time when you reach the limit, an hour or two to completely disappear from the search and to prevent buyers from placing orders.

I’ve been overbooked since last Wednesday and have been receiving orders ever since.

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I have a similar issue. When I turn on out of office mode, people can still message me. Not even just people who ordered before, so at least you’d not have to reply within 24 hours if you had turned on ooo because you can’t reply, but also new people, where you see that tiny clock symbol telling you that you have to reply within 24 hours, you know.

Of course I did not activate the “new buyers can contact you, be aware that this can affect your response rate” checkbox, the point of going out of office being that I have things to do and can’t need interruptions or am sick or in the middle of a forest without wifi, or whatever and do not want messages that I need to reply to within 24 hours or while I’m in ooo generally.

I asked support about it twice, the last time, they confirmed what I’d expect from the function and the only thing that makes sense that only people with active orders should be able to contact me while in out of office mode (and even that is debatable, seeing as long as I’d deliver their orders on time and that they filled out the order requirements when they ordered, they shouldn’t have to message me, or I shouldn’t have to reply, but lets not argue about that, of course they might have forgotten to put some important info in the requirements).
While I had both completely new people as well as former buyers without active orders contact me.
Support said they don’t know why/how they can. So it seems I’m stuck with this unless that bug somehow fixes itself one day.
But they did indeed state that only people with active orders should be able to contact me, so it’s definitely not working as intended.

Being able to message is not the same as being able to order, of course, but same story, more or less.

So, no, don’t think you’re crazy, it’s broken.


It’s wild to me that these bugs exist on such a large scale. It’s embarrassing because for a lot of us this is our livelihood, and we shouldn’t have to say to customers “I don’t know why you were able to message me, I was in Out of Office mode!”. It’s even worse that CS seems to just shrug their shoulders as if we’re really complaining about something that’s just no big deal.

I love working on Fiverr and I’ve been really fortunate to have a lot of success on here, but it’s shocking how many of the features available to us are broken, or not enforced, or enforced sometimes but only if you get a certain agent to help you, or not understood by CS support, etc. etc…


I have. I am pretty confident I am going to get the same copy/paste answer as before. I could feel steam coming out of my ears as I was typing my response.



It didn’t affect my stats but it did affect my sales, when I used it. Sales were doing great until I used out of office mode for a week and have still not recovered a month later.

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I mean good god. Literally no one will just answer my question. I don’t think it is a complicated question. Whatever, I don’t care enough to press the issue and go back and forth with CS forever. I guess we just have to live with the fac that some Fiverr features are broken :woman_shrugging:

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