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Response of Buyer

I have experienced one peculiar matter from one Buyer. She (The Buyer) sent an Order related to Excel Work and advised me to Email her so that she could send me the attchments. I emailed her accordingly.

But after that time she never responded to me. I gave her so many Text Messages for getting her attention but my all efforts went in vain.

In fact, I could not find the reason of her silence till to-date. What was my fault?

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One thing is that you sent an email to her. That’s a violation of Fiverr’s TOS if it’s not necessary for the job and in that case it isn’t, because you can send Excel files easily via Fiverr. I know, that wasn’t the question, just wanted to make you aware of it, because that could get you in trouble.

All attachments for orders have to be sent on the platform. Particularly the order page. You also violated TOS by exchanging emails.

Apparently you also exchanged phone numbers…

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Many thanks for your kind reply. I shall be more carefull in future. It is also lesson for me. I exchanged Text Msge using Fiverr.

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