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Response Rate 38% geerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

My response rate states 38%, I would like Fiverr control to understand that I respond to 100% genuine questions. What I don’t respond to is spam ! which by the looks of it takes up 62% of my inbox.

My average Response Time is 1 hour so go figure why I’m not responding to people.

It would seem there is a lesson in there somewhere!

Yea … the lesson is that fiverr is getting less sales from higher quality sellers that are “Above the bull” here that most buyers end up bringing to fiverr.

So a remedy would be to remove this useless feature.

I answer every message just to maintain a 100% rating most times. But lately the swarm of spammers hitting the site have brought my rating down below 100% because once they ban the spammer , you can’t reply to them via the message they sent … thus your rating will go down.

Stupid feature providing nothing but drama.

There’s your lesson fiverr.

Here’s another that will hit my ratings for today.


I am Ann Ben a United State army
it would be great to get to know you ,kindly permit my contacting you
through this medium.i have a very important and confidential matter
that i want to discuss with you,i am in Syria for the sake of the crisis
so kindly reply me so that i will introduce myself to is my

Ann Ben

Or, respond to a message like that with a pointed message as follows (thus retaining your 100% rating):

“You have been reported for sending spam through the Fiverr message system. I have blocked you from sending further messages to me, and your account could be deleted by Fiverr for breaking site rules.”

Then click the report link. Once reported, that spam account can no longer send you messages.

I just literally got that same message! I responded and reported. Irritating.

@kickoff3pm: you don’t need to respond to those spam messages. Clicking the ‘report’ link is enough. I always do that and my response rate is 100%.

But, lately, I have not been having any messages to my inbox,and the orders were directly ordered. However, I still noticed that, my response rate has gone down even WITHOUT any message sent!!! Is this normal, or is it just me ?! :-?

A problem I’ve been having is Fiverr doesn’t have some sort of system in place to let me know which messages I need to respond to. I’m currently sitting at 88% response rate, and 7 hours avg response time, despite being constantly connected through my phone and the only time I don’t respond within the hour is when I’m asleep or somewhere important.

I’ve gone through all of my messages, even all the way back to when I first opened my account, and there’s no message I haven’t responded to other than a few spam messages. Every message in my box has been responded to, so I don’t know where I can go to bring my message response rate back to 100%.

Personally? It’s a feature they need to get rid of. It’s just an added stress to a large pile of issues that have been getting worse lately.

say no to #response rate…

I’m trying to respond to a message but when I do, I get the following message: For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly. So it won’t let me reply to the message, I can’t find the username Zerlina in Fiverr, so I can’t figure out how to respond. My guess is this is some type of scam to kill my response rate.

Has anyone else run into this and if so, any workarounds or should I just delete it so it doesn’t go towards my response rate?

It took me about a week to get 100% response rate after the system was implemented. Even if it doesn’t show up as a to-do on your list, you need to have the last word in any email exchange that was initiated by the person at the other end of the conversation.

And although the system says that messages marked as spam won’t penalize you if you mark them as spam, I always send a one-word response of “spam” before I mark it as such. They say that the system only checks to see if we respond within 24 hours to the first message in a new conversation, but what I’ve seen is that the system is either broken or it does, in fact, measure all response to all incoming messages.

And finally, I do occasionally meet a client who wants to be the one to close out the conversation, so I sometimes to have to send messages that run along the lines of, “It’s been fun chatting, but Fiverr will penalize me for non-responsiveness if I don’t reply to any message you send me. You’re always welcome to chat with me, but if there’s nothing else I can help you with, please don’t reply to this message or I’ll be obligated to respond. Cheers, -James”

Response rate is irrelevant to your ranking, I think. I won’t answer spam, and I won’t answer messages when they get annoying:

So can you help me.
Are you sure?

What am I supposed to write after that?

fastcopywriter said: What am I supposed to write after that?
Nothing. There's no need to.

My response rate is 100% and I:

  • always respond within minutes to 99% of my messages (spam not included).
  • when I receive spam messages, I never respond but ALWAYS report.
  • don’t always have the last word. Only the first answer after being contacted counts.

Well it seems many others, and not newbies who don’t understand their way around fiverr, have the same issue with this feature. Here’s an update;

Today I had an order and I checked my response time - had gone up to 57% now for the bad news - 19:59 today I got the order, I completed the order at 21:54, the customer left good feedback at 22:20. I checked my response time is was down to 50% :frowning:

So I’ve got my response rating up to 77% !! then some asked me a question tonight.

Question asked at 21.20

I responded at 21.22

I then responded twice more before 22.31

My response rating is now 75% - down 2% for 3 response within about 90mins. Clearly this feature is broken and should be removed as soon as possible.

There’s an easy way around it, mainly for spam messages, which is what I do, just hit . or * and send it, it still counts as a sending a msg and replying and the spammers eventually get the hint as well, only takes a second of your time to do it, it’s not perfect but it works :slight_smile:

Actually you can enter any character and it will work but that’s what I do, as it’s easier to hit . and enter :slight_smile:

My response rate has dropped to 25% and I can’t find any messages in my inbox that I haven’t responded to, right away? I rarely get any spam messages. I have no idea why it just keeps dropping? I have sent a request to customer service but have had no response yet.
What else could it be that is making it drop?

My response rated started at 1% since I couldn’t be bothered, then I decided to be bothered. After a month I got it up to 75%, but you know what? It was a terrible waste of time, conversion-wise.

  • “how many words do you write? How much?” (gig description’s all there, baby. Read it.)
  • “Hello! I am having gig you will love! In fact, I custom quote you!” (“stop right now or I’m reporting you”–that goes 50:50 with apologies from them or a click on the report button)
  • incredibly long, intricate and rambling messages that don’t get to any particular point. (“Could you perhaps shorten that down?”
  • “Hi” (“no.”)
  • “Thank you for the awesome work!” (“happy to help!”)

etc etc etc. There are completely normal people who just ask if I do xyz, and some other questions that aren’t necessarily framed in my gig description, but they’re negligible.

Anyway, haven’t bothered for 3 days and now my response rate is at 65%. Tut weh, as they say in German.

EDIT: when I wasn’t bothering at at 1%, I did scan the messages and responded to sensible inbox questions/requests. I tried to work as the system wanted as a choice, but ultimately, it’s a colossal waste of time with no obvious use (buyers do not see your response rate, for example, so it must be some sort of Pavlovian test tool for us). The whole point of an inbox for sellers and buyers is to sort the wheat from the chaff–and no amount of agonized feelings about weird response glitches and forum posts will change that. So use the tool as God intended and ignore this silly directive. The more people ignore it, the more Fiverr will get rid of it. Remember, whoever thought this was a good idea is probably high up in the hierarchy and had a metrics orgasm over this (I apologize for the mental image). Are you a corporate metric orgasm waste by-product, or are you a person who hates this and doesn’t want to do this?