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Response rate 4 hours . is it good batter or best

response rate 4 hours . is it good batter or best

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It’s definitely not the best. The best would be 1 hour. It’s okay, though.


That’s not your response rate, it’s your response time.

Here, please read this article.


It’s alright - but like @lenasemenkova said, one hour is ideal! I’ve landed clients on being available the EXACT moment they sent a message.

It will depend on the location of those messaging you, in relation to yours, and the amount of messages you get.

If don’t receive many messages and, while you’re sleeping, the ones you do receive are mostly from people who are more than 4 hours difference from where you live, it won’t be feasible to keep your response time within 2 hours or less.

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One hour doesn’t mean you answer within an hour, though. I often have buyers message me in the night, and I’ll answer up to 12 hours later. And yet, I have a 1hr response time and land even the ones I answer later. Of course, my pricing probably attracts a more serious clientele.

Yes, but we’re talking about the best (ever) response rate versus “good or better”. 4 hours is good. I’d argue that technically, “bad” response rate is 24+ hours and the rest is fine. Fiverr considers it fine. Some buyers probably won’t.

Although I never had a problem maintaining 2 hours response rate on average and I get messages at all hours.

During my location’s DAY time, I reply as soon as I can to my notifications. When I receive messages when I am asleep, I respond within 6 or 7 hours (basically when I wake up). That keeps me at an average of 2 hours.


It’s just math, Lena.

If you don’t get enough messages that you can reply within a short time to compensate those that were sent to you, let’s say, with a 10 hour difference, it will be hard to keep a 1 or 2 hour response time.

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I’m not debating you on math (I’m terrible at math) :slight_smile: The very vague question was about the good, better, best. Hence, my vague answer of what would be considered the best possible response rate on fiverr (according to its own interface).


Oh, yeah. In that I agree with you.

My first reply was to the user tagging you. :wink:

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