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Response rate 89%!?!?!?


So woke up this morning to see my stats had updated, and my response rate fell from 100 to 89%! I can’t find a single message I did not respond to.

Also, my response time had fallen to 4 hours. I let that go before as I had gotten messages after going to sleep and responded when I woke up, but it seems like it took weeks to get it back under an hour. Well, it only took 2 messages with delayed responses (sleep and phone off during a meeting yesterday) to bring my response time back to 2 hours.

What gives? How long will my stats take to change? I made a push to be extremely proactive and this is very frustrating!


I am facing the same issue, since i got a spam flagged message, and from the new rating system they are pointing out to my response rate. This is ridicules since i reply every message within a hour through my mobile app even i am sleeping i can hear the messages.


Is this something I can contact support about? I can handle a 2 hour response time for now, though it seems like it only took 2 messages with long responses to torpedo 2 weeks of diligence.

But the 89% response rate is, in my opinion, completely wrong. I am struggling to get orders already, and I don’t need inaccurate stats ruining my ability to move up. How is this even assessed? Is it possible Fiverr updated my stats before I had responded to a message?

Ugh, yesterday 100% response in 1 hour. This morning 89% in 2 hours.


You can contact CS for that, they might help you


My response rate is dropping regulary without any reason. Just contact CS and they will take care of it. After I report it - my rate always comeback to normal.
However, I already noticed why sometimes it’s dropping - it’s due messages which were marked as spam automatically. When I unmark then and reply, next day my response rate is lower than it was before. I already report that bug to CS but it seems that it’s still there.


Not sure what it’s based on. My response rate also fell to 89% for some odd reason, it’s the only thing “under the bar” to maintain level 2.


To update everyone, I sent a request to CS to have them take a look at it and see if they can help. I’ll let everyone know the outcome when I hear back from them. Thanks for the helpful responses.


I am wondering about this too… I’m curious to know if you need to reply to every comment or message someone sends you … like for example you two are done with the conversation and you say thank you and then they say thank you… the conversation is done however they are the last one to send you a message… and you don’t need to reply to it… does that count against you?? because it seems like it does…


yup.something very similar has happened to my order completion rate doing things really nice and smooth since 2013 and this is a shaky bump i have to tell.lots of people are waking up in shock to the new all-revealing update… :frowning:


please do,and keep out a good eye for your order completion rate too?!


CS corrected my response rate, i think there is a bug.


It doesn’t count. Response rate count only first answer to buyer message. If you answered to first message - then it’s totally fine.


Thanks, What if you reply to their 1st message but say days or weeks later they message you again… & you know how it just goes under their old messages… would that count against me if I didn’t respond? thanks


From what I know it doesn’t matter as well. However, I recommend answering to all the messages - just kindly say no.


I have taken to saying, “No thank you” to spam, then blocking it, so it doesn’t count as a non-response.


I believe there’s some invisible messages happening. Just like there’s invisible orders coming from time to time that don’t appear in the to-do list, and go ignored until you get a warning for being late. That doesn’t happen when you don’t answer to a message, I believe.

Before you could still see the red timer on some new messages even after you replied to them, which caused the rate to go down. But that’s no longer the case, yet response rate goes still down for no visible reason.


Well today I noticed that my response rate fell down to 0%. I got 2 messages from people who are promoting their gigs. I wasn’t interested so I decided not to reply.

To make things worse, I replied to those messages thinking that my reponse rate will go up then; it didn’t and now my profile says “Avg. Response Time 1 Week+”.

Pretty bad situation, considering I’m a new seller


This happens to me - usually when there has been spam that I can’t reply to, as someone else has reported the user and they are no longer able to be contacted etc. I used to get super frustrated and contact CS all the time to fix it, as I like to keep my stats good (yes I’m a nerd :sunglasses:), but I’ve learned to let it go now - no point stressing about things that don’t really matter that much. I usually wait until it gets to an annoying point (under 90%) and then just contact CS. They always fix it up for me if it is an error on their end (or when I was on holidays and was slow to reply, explained the messages that had triggered the drop).

Its a longstanding bug, hopefully they will fix it prior to the January with the new level system!


Hey everyone,

So here’s the resolution. I did contact CS and they did check my response rate and found it was 100%. They were able to correct the issue, and I’m back up at 100%. If it happens to you, and you are sure you’ve responded to everything, hit up CS. They handled it promptly. Very happy with them


this happened to me too, but now its fine :slight_smile: