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Response rate affected by received offers not responded to?

I was enjoying a 100% response rate that suddenly dropped to 93%.
I recently posted a request and received a few offers, I did not reply to all of them and I think this is the reason of the drop.
This is not specifically addressed here:
I’ve also noticed some syncing problems between the web and the app, this could also be a reason…
What do the experts say?

i think everything that is marked with an stopwatch should be somehow answered.
If you think you are receiving spam messages you can also use the “report” feature.
This way your response rate wont get affected.

so basically better be safe than sorry… thank you

It happened again, a 1% drop. I got a message and an order form the same user. Worked and sent the order but never replied to the message. This is an oversight from me but it is also a bit annoying to be penalized for this.

I answer all my messages but the response rate dips all the time. 100%. and now it’s 98%. When is a message considered to be answered? what happens if the buyer answers your question, you respond back, then they answer back etc etc. When can I stop?

The first reply is the only one that counts.