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Response rate affected, chat says reply in order instead of chat

Don’t get caught out on response rate by paying attention to the message in chat saying you have a fiverr order and answer there instead

I have recently been caught out by what I consider to be an awful problem with the fiver user interface and a recent feature they have included on all chat messages once you have active order

If a buyer has contacted you before ordering but then goes aheads and orders and its the first time they have ordered from you YOU MUST ANSWER THIS MESSAGE even though the user interface is instructing you not to do so

For something so important as the response rate to be affected when you have answered in the chat for the order within the 24 hours in relation to the chat in inbox, and then explain that to support where you are told nothing can be done, seems very off to me!

I would say something this badly designed is verging on deliberately there to trick us sellers so that our response rate will go down

Please spread this news to all sellers to ignore the message saying reply in order and first reply with a quick reply to say yourself to all buyers that they must chat in the order.

Another example of poor user interface design from Fiverr


I never thought about it…thanks for the info!

I’m sorry to hear that it affected you response rate though.
Don’t let it bother you too much. If you continue replying in a timely manner, you’ll soon be able to reduce the amount of hours it takes you to rely to first messages :ok_hand:

Thanks for feeling sorry about this, I do too

When you have a perfect response rate and a 1 hour average for replies this feels like a massive mistake on the interface and nothing to do with my hard work replying

I thought it was only me… :disappointed_relieved:

I had to reply 2 times to my buyer - one through inbox and the other one through the order chat - just to be safe because I didn’t understand what was going on. My buyer was also very confused about this and she also messaged me in duplicate. We both looked like loonies copy/pasting messages in both chats… :frowning_face:

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I too am convinced that the response rate system is seriously flawed. I always respond to 100% of my messages, yet my response rate has always been very low. It is currently at 79% which is ridiculous considering that I always respond to every message that I get, and in a very timely manner. I wish Fiverr would just fix this annoying issue. It affects me every month and my seller level is always downgraded because of it. Maybe I need to take my business elsewhere. This is so annoying!

it does make communication unprofessional
and makes you look a bit stupid apologising for Fiverr’s system

That is sooooooo true… :frowning_face: