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Response rate analytics: can anyone clarify a few things?


Hi everyone!

Since the response rate feature started on the Monday, I’ve been left with a few questions. I’ve read the blog post about it, but Fiverr didn’t exactly provide any information regarding how it works (analytically speaking) and how the rate is calculated. Can anyone provide specifics or know where I can find this information?


same issue here,

I have 17 messages to answer, response says 100%

Then I answer them all and that response calculator says 93 %

how ? :smiley:


I am wondering the same I had some messages and I responded with in an hours time now they have my response rate as 4 hours, at 100% I dont get it either how they do that.


It’s another thing that Fiverr hired a computer programmer off of Fiverr to figure out. It will be there until it isn’t.

webchief said: Then I answer them all and that response calculator says 93 %

Exactly. I got a few messages over night and answered them when I woke up, after I did my rating went from 100% to 63%. It makes no sense. How can anyone know how to use it properly if knows how the response time is measured.


Reply to @thepromogirl:

I just realized !!!

The counter calculates time when message is answered not before so if you counter says 100% when you go to sleep it will show you same until you answer next message in morning, when he adds that “time to answer” to you statistics…

so it is not live counter it calculates after you answer message…

webchief said: so it is not live counter it calculates after you answer message

So do I keep answering them? I'm finding myself answering them even when the conversation should be over. The Buyer says, "Okay." and I feel like I need to answer back otherwise it will hurt my response time. Where does it end? Fiverr has given zero clarification on how it works. :


Reply to @thepromogirl: I’ve been doing the same thing. It seems like I’m trying to get the last word in and seems unprofessional in my opinion. This is something that never should have made it from idea to the platform. It’s completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with anything, nor should it.


I have just posted this thread for those who don’t want this feature… our voice is the only way…


Reply to @thepromogirl:

I always answer them, and when I see it is last message, I have in quick response text that says " fiver requires us (sellers) to send last message …" so they dont think I am not professional :slight_smile:


Fiverr support responded to my question with this " your response time is calculated based on how quickly you respond to a buyers first message."

So don’t sweat about responding to every buyer message within seconds, it’s only looking at your initial response :slight_smile:

I do however think they need to work on the whole thing considering we are all on different time zones! I often get messages at 3 or 4 am, so even though I respond at the beginning of MY day, it can be hours past the time it was sent…

fingers crossed they figure it out :slight_smile:


Reply to @jenniscott: I totally agree with the different time zones it does not seem to be a fair rating!


I hope fiverr will take a look in this topic and do something soon…


This is a message I got this morning…

"hy. i m very poor. please help me how became a good seller like u?"

So…I’m to spend my day answering emails like this?

My goodness.



Reply to @dtongsports: =)) maybe I should find some top rated sellers that do not know about how the response rate works and send them messages :))

The response rate is stupid !