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Response rate analytics problem


My Response Rate has been at 89% for a long time. This has, among other things, meant that I have been dumped from level 2 to level 0. This means of course that I get less Buyer Requests and Fiverr decides which ones I get and they have chosen to give me Buyer Request categories that relate to one of my least used gigs! (In the good old days, I sent over 1600 responses to Buyer Requests - Have a semi-automated system to make sure my responses are great!) Apparently this is is automatic choice so there is nothing I can do about it. My growing business has all but disappeared - after years of building it up.

First of all it is not clear with the response rate that you have to reply within 24 hours - it only becomes clear when you have not done so - and it is too late then.

Because of my professional type gigs, sometimes messages do not need to be answered immediately. But now I always acknowledge them.

I had a guy who was using Fiverr to message me - lots of messages. I usually replied to multiple messages with a single message. WRONG. I now suspect that every message has to be replied to. So if someone sends you 10 messages in say an hour, then you have to send them 10 messages back.

This particular guy had never actually bought a gig off me and so I cannot block him.

SO GUYS AND GIRLS - answer your messages within 24 hours and if they send multiple messages, make sure you send the same number of messages back again

Pain - I know.


No, you only need to respond to the first message from each new user who contacts you, and do so within 24 hours. Every message from that user after that first response, no longer gets timed, nor does it affect your response rate.

Just politely ignor him, and he’ll realize that you aren’t interested in giving him any of your time. If you’ve responded to his first message, the others won’t hurt you.

Nope. That’s not how Fiverr works. First message only. The rest can be responded to at your convenience, without any timer or response requirements.


If that is ‘how Fiverr works’ then I think they have a bug in the system. Because no matter how careful I am, I cannot get this analytic to change!!!

jonbaas - thanks for your reply and interest. Where can I find the information that you gave me in official Fiverr documentation?

I dont understand what does it mean, Did you lose your level Ranking because of this? How can you get it back? Only by lifting the response rating?
I also have a problem with this because the Android application does not always notify me when there is a new message. Sometimes i found a message after a day or two after logging in on the website.

Yes it was one reason why I lost my rating. For whatever reason, I did not realise that you had to respond within 24 hours. It does not say so.

I’ve had this happen on the iOS app, too so it’s more than just an Android bug. Now I have the Fiverr notifications forwarded to a specific email address that reliable pushes notifications on my phone and that works much more reliably than the mobile app does.