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Response Rate and messages



I am concerned because I’m showing a low response rate (79%) despite replying to every message I receive. I do have several clients who will send 4-5 messages in a row, each line sent as a different message, which I then reply to in one message. Is this what’s causing my low response rate?

Here’s what I mean:

9:33am Client - “Hello”
9:35am Client - “My name is so and so, I saw you on Fiverr search or elsewhere you advertise for Fiverr”
9:36am Client - “I’m interested in X gig”
10:45am Me - “Hello, let me tell you about the gig, this is what it’s all about, how it works, what is needed, etc.”
11:30am Client - “I’m interested in that”
11:32am Client - “This is my unique situation…”
11:45am Client - “Should anything be done about my unique situation other than the standard gig?”
1:50pm Client - “I would also be interested in Z gig. Can you do both?”
4:00pm Me - “Based on what you’ve said I would suggest these gigs and can make a custom order for you to save a bit of money on both”.
4:30pm Client - “Great thanks”
7:30pm Client - “I have ordered”
7:35pm Client - “Do you need more information?”
8:30pm Me - “I think I have all the information I need. Thank you for ordering I’m working on it now.”
9:00pm Client - “Thanks again”
9:02pm Client - “I appreciate it”
9:05pm Client - “I’ve been worried about this so much”
11:35pm Client - “Also can I ask about another custom idea similar to gig Y but not entirely?”
11:38pm Client - “Here’s what I’m looking for…”
11:50pm Client - “I can give you more detail about it next week”
11:55pm Client - “I get my pay then so I’ll order it then”
8:00am Me - “Okay, if I understand what you’re asking for I’d recommend this…”

Could this be affecting my response? If he/she types 5-6 messages at a go do I need to respond 5-6 times also? His/her questions are being answered and I am responding in a timely manner.


The Response Rate Indicator tracks a seller’s first response to a new request. While it is important to continue responding to buyers until a conversation has concluded, those later messages are not a factor in the overall Response Rate. ( Source: Fiverr)


Hi wishesandwonder,

As long as you reply back to the first message of a new prospective client within 24 hours, your response rate should remain unaffected. It doesn’t matter if your client sends 10 messages in a row or if they send you a single consolidated message.

Is it possible that you might have missed a message in the last 60 days? Please check for spam messages, too. I’ve heard that, sometimes, even spam messages affect your response rate (probably a bug). If you are unable to find any missed messages that might have cause a drop in your response rate or believe that spam messages might have affected your response rate, you can always contact CS. They would be glad to help you out. They can take up to 48 hours to respond to your ticket.

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