Response Rate and Order Completed



I have noticed that bit by bit, my response rate and order completed coming to lower, however, i have responded to all my buyers and i always complete the order on time, but it seems this is a technical error, has anyone experienced this?

Kindly fix this bugs.



Hi Kalmati,
The response rate will update every 30 days automatically and if you do not respond to a buyer within 24 hours of his/her first message, then your rate can go down a little bit but you can make it higher again by responding well. If you are sure you responded all buyer perfectly then you can contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask them to take a look.

And for the order completion rate question, check my post here New Update for Order Completed (%) Percentage


Hi Rasel,

Thank you for your reply, however, i have completed orders on the time and
responded all buyers on time, even i am online to reply them.

Please forward my message to customer services.



Hi Kalmati,
I can forward your message to customer service for ONLY $5!

You can create your own message for them:


Thank you for your suggestion.

I will soon make this request and send them.