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Response rate - big problem

Hello, guys! I am a new fiverr seller. Made around 15 sells in a month, so I’m quite happy with the results. I was more than happy with fiverr and I tried my best to maintain 100% on everything, was online all the time so that I can give response in the span of an hour and my response rate was awesome, until a couple of days ago. The situation is pretty absurd in my opinion and here is how it went: A seller DM’d me, asking me if he can order. As I was writing a reply to him 15 minutes later, he already ordered and messaged me in the “Order” section, and me trying to give him a pleasent experience and not wanting to spam the hell out of him with 2 messages (1 in inbox and 1 in the order section) I just followed him and responded in the order, as he had more questions there and it was the more appropriate way to handle the situation. The next day I wake up to 94% of response rate and it sucks, as I responded to him on time and I never left a buyer hang more than an hour.

TL;DR - Buyer sends me DM, but orders immediately after that. We continue our communication trought the Order section. I responded to him literally 15 minutes after his first DM. Next day I get 6% lower response rate.

Also, I tried to contact Customer Support, but they apparently can’t manually change the rating.


Always reply to the first message on the inbox. Just a simple “hi” would be enough.

Don’t worry, as you continue to respond to the message of other buyers, the response rate would increase. Nothing to worry as long as its above 90%.


As @s_akhter said, there is nothing to worry about.

Lesson learnt. Now you know that you have to message the buyer in their inbox and order page.
Your stats will soon go up again :v: