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Response Rate BS

Is there anything I can do when irrelevant people message me?

I’ve had the response rate of 100% for months, and now after getting hit with spam and people ending the conversation with “okay Thanks!” (that doesn’t need a final reply) … my response rate has dropped to 92% over the past couple of days…

I delete the irrelevant SPAMMY messages and it seems to change my response time and response rate regardless… which is not fair. Especially when I text people within minutes after they message me… so my rate should be 100% and with an 1hr time response time displayed to potential buyers.

rolls eyes ugh!

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I send a reply to all messages even the spam ones with something, sometimes just “ok”.
Then if it’s spam I use the “report” button.

I feel your pain. I think the response rate feature should be modified or removed.

Does Response Rate goes down if you don’t reply at all? I am not 100% sure about that. I always thought they are “calculating” Response Rate if you answer on new message.

Yes it does for me.

I was told by my Fiverr Rep, that your response rate is only calculated on the initial message you send to either an inbox message or order instructions. Subsequent messages do not get calculated into your response rating.

I’ve stopped caring about the responsiveness thing long ago… It doesnt matter what you do … it will slowly creep down from 100% no matter what… I even un-spam the spammers , reply with something , and report them… And still my response rating seems to go down…

The only thing that concerns me is the fact that a CS rep told me today that the responsiveness rating does factor into the “Seller’s performance” rating … so this responsiveness feature may in fact contribute to your gig’s exposure and rankings…

It needs to be looked into…

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I thought that same. It shouldn’t be calculated if you not answer. As that would count every day more and more. And last 30 days it will count as 30 days response.
But, in another hand. Fiverr is full of bugs, so probably that is the problem.

My response rate was 52% two months back and I had tried to respond to all the messages since then however small the queries are. So Now the rate has gone up to 93% . I cannot be sure if this has helped me or not because I see that my orders have gone up now but my position in the searches have not moved at all.