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Response rate bug/issue

Hi viewers,

I just want to bring this negative process ( in my eyes) to light here. Response rate-- I had 100%. While I respond to every relevant inquiry. I noticed a slight fluctuation a week ago 95% for some reason.

I have been selling for a couple months. Now i’ve been buying recently and I often get sometimes 10-15 people skipping the buyer request and direct messaging me instead. This clutters my inbox and 7 of those 15 are not relevant/ seems like bots anyways.

I worry about leaving the chat with them going with me not responding because it gives you the red circle warning. I ignored 2 of them. I blocked like 4 of the accounts and deleted one coversation or so.

I checked my profile later on in the day and my response rate is now 75% and I was up for promotion tomorrow to level 1. Not sure what fiverrs angle is here. But I know i’ll stop providing my services here, I spend lots of money and make lots of sales. And this seems fishy. Or its just a really bad workaround they need to figure how to stop calculating the response rates from.

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You have to respond to all messages, even if you block the senders. Even a simple, “No thank you,” or “I’m not interested in working with you,” is fine.

I would also check the spam folder to make sure nothing’s sitting in there. It’s a hassle, but that’s just how things are.


And thats why i’m here on “suggestions” because its not right… why should I have to respond to someone who is using a loophole and direct messaging me instead of “buyer request” the appropriate location.

My is that burden placed on me. Most aren’t even relevant. So why is it on me to respond. It’s a computer talking anyways. I can’t tell you how many times people say they can do the job in the “buyer request”… then say “sorry I can’t actually do that”… its pathetic.

Lets not pretend these people aren’t using algorithm to pinpoint keywords and say they can do the job on those buyers requests… now the next level they are taking it to is using the loophole in direct messaging.

I definitely agree it’s not fair, especially when the messages are clearly spam (and sent to the spam folder) or if you block the buyer for one reason or another. I’m not sure how Fiverr would go about changing that, but it’s probably easier for them to leave it as is than try and figure out a way to filter the real buyers from the scammers and those who can’t follow TOS.

As for sellers contacting you directly instead of using the Buyer’s Request, I would definitely report them. It’s not much, and another hassle to deal with, but it’s something.

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Yes, I will be reporting from now on. Now that i know they are directly affecting my response rate, which is not my fault one bit. I can’t spend 1-2 hours out of my day responding to inbox spam messages. I will spend all the time in the world talking to an inquiring client.

I agree it’s probably difficult to patch the loophole. But this is how they start, within 6 months I bet we see this get way worse because they decide to fix it.