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Response Rate bug SPAM

My response rate suddenly dropped from 100% to 86%. My average response time is 1 hour. I looked at all my messages over the past 60 days and all have been responded to promptly. I did notice a message that appears blank on mobile, but on desktop it shows Fiverr had marked it as SPAM automatically Irecieved no notifications of this message at all). It state at the bottom it will not affect response rate, but it appears to be. Customer support has not been helpful into investigating why my response rate dropped suddenly. I was on my way back to level 2 and now with this BUG I will be dropped down…please, please investigate, I checked and double checked and nothing was done wrong on my part. I responded o all messages quick, some within minutes.

Everyone here is either a buyer or a seller. We do not have the power to investigate your issue. Only CS can do that. :confused:

I think I have read on the Forum that it is best to reply even to spam so that your response rate does not go down. It does not seem that the Spam message should count against you. However, it may have. :roll_eyes:

These are two separate categories. Fiverr wants you to respond to all messages within 24 hours, however response time is not part of the monthly evaluation. However, if you respond after 24 hours to any message, your response rate will drop. :frowning:

Hard to reply to SPAM when no notification or email is given…seems like notifications do not go out if Fiverr automatically marks a message as SPAM…also seems to hurt your response rate. Customer Service seems to be actively not trying to investigate. I have went through all my messages a few times now and no response has been even close to being after 24 hours. It is beyond frustrating…CS is like talking to a wall…they claim there is nothing they can do to change the response rate…even if it’s an error…it’s maddening. By the way this is what it says at the ottom of message that was auto marked SPAM by Fiverr:

We suspect this message might be spam. It will not affect your response rate. You can always unmark as spam.

I agree it is frustrating! :roll_eyes: